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Day 26/ NSV's/ Today I Will....

Thursday, September 12, 2019

First I have to say emoticon for all of the positive support you guys give me!! You really cheer emoticon me on to do better, and that is what inspired this early morning post. I'm all dressed and ready to work out, but instead grabbed a cup of coffee (I'm up early enough I'll still get a work out in before I wake the kids....) and sat to type. Because instead of looking at what I've done wrong in the past few months to add back the 26 pounds that seem to have gone straight to my stomach (seriously, I think I look pregnant!!) I'm looking at the NSV's I've had in the last few days. Even though my eating due to my medication messing with my moods (I'm determined to stop that today!! I don't care what my mood is I do not need candy!) has messed up my diet more, I am looking past that and taking a look first at my NSV's, and then at what I WILL do today versus what I WILL NOT be doing today, putting a positive spin on it.

First, my NSV's:

I got my first over 6k steps in one day in a long while!!! YAY for seeing fireworks on my Fitbit!!
I walked for 20 minutes straight on the treadmill!!
I walked a total of 2.65 miles!
I climbed 29 floors!!!! Wow! And my knee isn't hurting (except the skinned part)!!
I made a Paleo recipe for coffee to see if I'd like it (didn't, but hey I tried!)!!
I cleaned the kitchen! I scrubbed almost everything and today, one more load of dishes and it will be clean! WooHoo!
I still fit my workout pants and most of my jeans!!
I got my homework from my therapist done, and am doing daily what I'm supposed to do!! I will continue to do so!

Hooray for NSV's!! I don't know why, but I woke with a list of things I will/will not do today. BUT, still putting a positive spin on things, I'm going to make a list of the things I will do, and anything that is on the will not do list, I will change to a 'will do' no matter how silly it sounds putting it in a more positive light. I think looking on the bright side of things, especially in the emotional state I'm in, is very important. I will explain that further toward the end of my blog.


Reach 6k steps or more!!
Work out, not only on the treadmill, but do the first day of the Blogilates Beginner Calendar 2.0 and Coach Nicole's Better Butt exercise for the day!!
Track all of my food this morning, before I put a morsel in my mouth, and stick to it, no matter what!
Have only one cup of coffee! I will drink hot or iced tea if I feel the need for something more flavorful than water.
Have two shakes as meals, the more filling kind I make with fruit, and if I'm still in need of protein, I'll have one with water for my snack.
Drink water constantly to stay hydrated and meet my water intake needs.
Eat veggies for fiber! If I don't meet my fiber needs, I will research what I can do to reach them, and maybe take some Miralax.
Reprint my workouts (I lost them) so I have what I need to work out today!
Be more selective about what foods I put in my body.
Take a nap, if I need one (got 3 hours of sleep tonight).
Do my homework from my therapist
Log my moods on my phone app
Work on training Hope and remember to exercise her more and wear her out so she doesn't chew things she should not. Lots of command training and fetch outside!!

That is all I can think of at the moment, but that will do! I'm going to keep my blog up to keep it in sight to remind myself to stay as positive as I can today! I'm still in a bipolar mixed state, and irritability is super high and the slightest thing can set it off. I will try my best to keep it under control and not let it out. I go from super high and doing all the things, to super low and barely being able to drag myself to the couch to curl up and cry. I can't stand this, but I see my psychiatrist Friday, so hopefully he will help fix what he messed up. Yes, he gave me a medication that messed me up. He took me off of it, but did not taper me off of it, just bam, off. Some meds you can do that with and maybe this was one of them, but even so, the damage was already done. But, for today and until I see him, even in my lows, I will do my best to try to stay as positive as I can.

Here are a few of my favorite pics, just to help cheer me/you/anybody who needs it up!! A few are of Hope yesterday, she slept in the strangest position at the bottom of the stairs, I guess maybe she was trying to stay in the small patch of sun? I accidently woke her, lol. The other she is sleeping on my throw blanket where I normally curl up on the couch, she was tuckered out after such an early morning!!

Hope you smiled!!

Have a great day!!


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    a "prego" look can be due to stress on the tummy muscles "mommy belly" and fixed with posture exercises. lots of ideas about this on Pinterest if your medical staff things it may be a part of your circumstances. so glad our cheering encourages you! you sure do deserve it. you're always so encouraging to everyone else too. i know i really appreciate all of my interactions with you.
    161 days ago
    :-) Beautiful Hope! :-) Awesome toons-I LOLd!! :-D :-D :-D
    161 days ago
    Have an awesome day!
    161 days ago
    LOVE the NSVs! Stay positive - you are emoticon
    161 days ago
    Love the cartoons they are funny! I appreciate your list of the things you are doing right, so many of the times we all major on the negative. Hang in there!
    161 days ago
    BIG 😁 hereπŸ‘. Have a blessed day πŸ™ πŸ˜‡
    161 days ago
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