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Day 28/Sleep/Working Out/New Routine for Day to Day

Saturday, September 14, 2019

I got almost 5 hours of sleep!! I went to bed early, so I ended up waking up at 0130. Am tired, but I know not enough to fall asleep again. I tried. So, as soon as I'm done writing this I'm going to go work out. I've printed an ab workout, added it to my tracker so I'm pushing myself to do it, it is a beginner workout I got from the workout generator here on SP for "Yogilates", sounds, looks neat. And some poses I know, like warrior. I'm going to try to start Blogilates Beginner Calendar 2.0 as well, but it depends on my dog if I do it now or later. She has a tendency to get into things and if I put her in her kennel while I work out, she might bark the whole time, she might not. I'm going to search under the couches and see if I can find one of her cow hooves for her. If so, she'll be fine being out, she loves those things! But man do they stink!!!

Hopefully I'll get a nap in later today and more sleep tonight, I'll be going to bed on time instead of early and hopefully that will help with me staying in bed later in the morning. I'll still work out first thing if I get up early enough before church tomorrow. I snuck in the bedroom and got all my shower stuff, and I'll grab a towel from the clean basket in the laundry room. There is a 'full' bathroom in the exercise room in the basement. It's tiny. You have to sit on the toilet sideways it's in such an awkward place, but the shower is the same size as the one it the bedroom, so it should be fine. I'm actually really looking forward to a good workout. I had to put a patch on my shoulder. I slept on it wrong and all the muscles were screaming at me. I got the patches for my upper back pain, but this is just as bad feeling and now that the patch has been on for a while, it is really feeling better.

So, I was talking to DH about my homework from my therapist. We were talking about learning new 'hobbies' (my sewing will be more than a hobby, it will be my job/career, but is starting out as a hobby I guess) and research shows that you should spend at least 60+ minutes a day working on hobbies to get better at them. Right now I'm doing 10-15. So maybe I should try to do more? I don't want to overwhelm myself, and with me being in a mixed state (bipolar) my short term memory is not the greatest. So what I decided is that I'll watch the instructional video (right now working on learning my machine better) and if it is something I'm not familiar with, I'll go do it on my machine till I'm good at it, at least 10-15 minutes, or till I figure out how to do it easily and can repeatedly do it. Decide whether I need to practice it again tomorrow (keep a journal, ongoing list for these things) and watch another video. Today I have to clean the craft area again, a bunch of stuff just got thrown in it, and on my sewing machine!!! So frustrating! It is not a dumping ground! Grrrr!!! The sewing machine picture is the one I have. DH bought it for me!!

So my mornings will be work out after I get up and drink a glass of water (no more coffee first thing, that will be my reward for working out, and after I've had my post workout shake and water). Unless I actually manage to sleep till I'm supposed to get up, then it will be doing my morning devotion with coffee, and prayer list, then waking the kids and walking them through their morning routine while I work on organizing my chore list for the day. Then work out, shower, dress and do at least one thing to pamper myself. Whether it is shaving my legs or using a face mask (I've got a ton of paper masks and more coming in, so I'm going to do them at least 2-3 times a week), just something nice. Doesn't have to be huge. Then I can have my coffee and while it is brewing I'll load the dishwasher (the kids job is to empty it before leaving for school so I can load it) then take my coffee up to the office and start learning about my sewing machine. I'm also supposed to be mapping out what I need to learn to make the toddler tie I want to start next month and learn how to make it by the end of this month. I bought the pattern because I wanted one with velcro, not elastic. Then work on my machine, and back and forth till at least an hour has passed. Drinking coffee while doing so, and then switching to water, or if I'm feeling dehydrated, a single cup of gatorade zero.

Then move on to my homemaker jobs. I'll have all my tasks laid out and organized from working on it while the kids are getting ready for school. I'll also be setting a timer for every so often to go off to remind me to first take the dogs out to exercise and go potty, and then train Hope both outside, inside and in the garage. I want her completely comfortable in the garage so eventually I can open the door (before she comes in) and we can slowly, with her favorite treats work towards the door and outside. She's fine in the backyard, the front yard terrifies her.

After lunch will be self care time. So I'll sew, color, crochet and watch a show, whatever feels right, maybe even take a bath and soak. or read or lay down, whatever I need to do for self care. Then, before the kids get home, computer time. Whether I'm working on one of the courses I bought, going through email, SP, something constructive. If I'm wanting to play a game, that can wait till DH comes home and I'll do that with him after the family routine is through.

We've been meaning to get the kids working out, and I'm determined, that even if they have to work on homework after dinner, they will work out before dinner, even if it is just treadmill and stretching, that is a start. During dinner, we will start our study on the book of John. We never seem to have time for it, even though we put it on the calendar, some teachers are giving my ODD so much homework, it is ridiculous!! But, having family time and studying the Bible and answering their questions on Faith is more important, even if we have to do it during diner. It's an 8 week course, but we are only doing 3 days a week (2 other week days we have other things planned: game night and group Bible study at someone's home). And Saturday is date night for DH and I. We may change that, depending on when DH gets the games together he wants to play with the kids, because it will take longer to play, depending on how long the kids can keep entertained by the games. LOL. Will be good family time. I can't wait! And, hopefully DH will be starting getting in shape with me soon, even if I have to go walk on the treadmill in the afternoon so he will get on the bike and work out. Hopefully we can get a punching bag next year.

Anyway, I'm off to do whatever, depends on how much energy I have! I did promise the kids I'd work out with them today. Hmmmm. Will think on it while I'm working on today's chore list!


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    I love how organised you are! An hour seems like a lot for a new hobby so be mindful of your posture while learning to use your sewing machine. It's great to see how much progress you are making and I'm a little envious of how close your family are emoticon
    378 days ago
    I hope everything went as planned, and that you3have a blessed Sunday!
    378 days ago
    I like how you build rest and self care right into your plans for the day. Hope you find the time today!
    379 days ago
    379 days ago
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