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2019 Fall 5% Challenge Exercise Commitment

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Okay, so the 2019 Fall 5% Challenge hasn't started yet (I don't know if the date has been posted) but putting down our exercise commitment on our Spark Page was suggested, so I figured I'd first put down my ideas and plans for the Challenge on a blog and then put what I can or need to on my actual page and do my best to keep up to date on my blog and page how I am doing on the Challenge!!

Alright, training. I found a 12 week walking training program that the exercise physiologist I used to work with created. It starts you out at about 15 minutes and 20 minutes the first week. I would be adding 5 minutes in the evening, to help encourage my kids to work out as well. They will be following the same program. I found some yoga videos for beginners and saved them all to a list (almost all are Yoga with Adriene, I find her easy to follow) as flexibility and the peaceful moments of stretching are high on my list (I have anxiety, bad, and Tai Chi or Yoga was suggested to help me, I can't afford a class, so Youtube it is! And Adriene is so good!). I'll be doing Blogilates Beginner Calendar 2.0, repeated as many times at it takes for me to feel like I can move on to her monthly calendar. And I have some Bosu Ball exercises I'll be doing as well as some core work every day to work on my balance and core strength. My core strength is awful right now and I really need to work on it. The ab/core exercise I might do every other day so as not to overdo it and give my core time to recuperate. I will also be starting a before bed yoga routine I'll be starting with just one or two of the exercises and working my way up. It's a printout, not a video, so I have it on my computer and in my room (Thank you to my Spark Friend that suggested a particular pose that got me on this track, that is one of the poses). Don't worry, I'll be stretching with the kids in the evening too, so that 5 minute walk won't stiffen me up!

I have to modify anything that gets me on my knees which are still either bruised or skinned or both from my fall last week. I didn't even notice the bruises on my legs till today! My arm was really hurting today and I realized it must have banged something too, it has a deep green bruise on it and really hurts. I'm going to make an appointment with my ortho doc, I just came up the stairs with my morning coffee, and my bad knee hurt like crazy. Of course, I did keep bumping it into things yesterday, so maybe it is just that.

For nutrition, I was told that Paleo was best for me... but, aside from some bad eating choices, trying to stay strictly Paleo failed badly for me. I do much better at a lower fat version of Keto. So, I"m going to do a mix of the two. Sounds weird, but as Cassie from Blogilates says, do what works best for your body. I have to have at least one protein drink a day in order to come close to my protein needs of 65-75g a day (per my dietitian). But I was reading that when you reach 40 (8 more months man!!) that number goes up to about 90g. Now that is quite the generalization, I mean, that can't be right for everybody, but I still intend to see my dietitian again around that time and see if she has any modifications or updates that I need to work on after turning 40. Most grains are out for me. Cauliflower rice was bad for a while, I had a milder case of diverticulitis, changed my diet and it went away before they could do the CT scan (took them 3 weeks to get me in, during which time I Googled it and cut out everything it said to and the pain went away!). So now I can have it again and I plan to take full advantage of it. One reason Paleo didn't work so well for me is that, while I'm lactose intolerant and can't have much, I could not give up cheese. I can give up pasta, I just need to buy a zoodle maker, love zoodle spaghetti with some cheese! And there are some Korean recipes with zoodles I want to try so much!!

A lot of Paleo recipes are awful tasting. I tried Paleo brownies for my sweet tooth, and they were not sweet at all. But there is this apple bake, I can only eat about half of it, with a dab of real maple syrup and the sweetness of the apple itself (honey crisp), it was so good! Making smaller versions today with just regular red apples (or maybe gala? Not sure) and one for my kids because I shared my first one with them (the apple was huge) and it was so good! I tweaked it a little, I don't have all the ingredients so I just use regular almond butter, pecans, and raisins. I want to add prunes when we get some because I think that would add to the sweetness, just chop them up like I do the pecans, till they are really small. So. Good. Below is the actual recipe, the calories are huge, but it is for a really big apple and extra stuff, plus I only eat half of one at a time, so really, not that bad for fixing my sweet tooth:


I'm going to cut out coffee. Except for when we go out and get the occasional Starbucks. When we go to church, it is tradition to get it now, we've done it so much. And when I go to therapy. It is soothing to have to drink when I'm nervous or anxious. It is going to take me a little while to cut it out, but, I can't drink it without sugar and powder creamer (dairy free). It shoots my daily carb intake way up. I just can't keep doing it. So, I'm switching to tea, I'll do a green tea at first, or maybe even cold tea with just lemon (I do like that, unsweetened). Anything I can have with just a dab (a tsp or less) of honey will do at first. Some teas I can even drink without any sweetener at all. I can't stand fake sugars, they literally make me gag or worse. I've never been able to drink a diet coke, it makes me sick. I don't know if I'm allergic or it's just a flavor thing. It's going to be really, really hard. I've been drinking coffee since I was 15. My blood pressure gets really low, and coffee brings it back up to normal. So I'm going to have to keep and eye on that and log it. Yet another thing to track. But at least my migraines are mostly better now and I don't have to track them quite as often or miss working out because of them. The only thing that really gets me down for a day is seizures. I had one just a few hours ago, and while I'm exhausted from it, I'm not as bad as I usually am because I was able to sleep for about 2 hours afterwards. Hopefully today will be a good day!!

Lets see... what else am I going to do for the 5% Challenge.... Oh, those measurements and pictures I was going to start taking and posting? I'm starting that Monday (tomorrow) because I need the accountability. I actually wrote a long post on FB (talk about going public!!) about my weight loss journey!! I need the accountability, and doing so got my friends helping me out and keeping me accountable!! Talk about incentive!!

emoticon I'm inviting you to join me on the 5% Challenge, it is a very active team, and I've heard, very supportive. I've signed up to be a Starfish, but every team has it's own way of doing things, so read about the team before you sign up!! I'd love to see you there!! emoticon

Okay, gonna go check my spark teams and have some coffee before I wake everyone up in an hour and a half!!

Have a Wonderful Sunday!!

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