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Day 32/ Protein and Fiber/ Sleep/ Eat That Frog = Perspective

Thursday, September 19, 2019

32 days and I've GAINED 6 more pounds. So frustrating. DH and I were talking about it while waiting for the car's oil and such to be done. He is such a better cook than I am. But, noticing or perhaps finally saying something about the extra weight on my stomach, he had two different suggestions, then went full out and said 'just go full protein shakes.' I thought for a moment. I could not come up with a valid argument and replied that my Dietitian and Bariatric doctor had both given me permission some time back to do so, for 30 days only, I just had not done it yet. So I agreed. For 30 days, starting tomorrow (and with one tonight since I've not had one today). Today, I got to go totally off my 'diet' and have some hush puppies. Then he suggested that after that I go as simple as possible with my meals. Meat and veg with the occasional veg that has carbs, because our body does need them, just not a ton of them. Keeping it as austere (having an extremely plain and simple style or appearance) as possible at the beginning. Because he is right about something else as well. I do not have as much discipline as I used to, especially with food.

Portion size has a lot to do with it. I'll eat and then go back 30 minutes later for leftovers or seconds, because I know how long it takes for my stomach pouch to empty. Sad. So, eliminating extra meals and sticking to smaller healthier portion sizes will be crucial to when I go back to solid foods. So will taking the full 30 minutes I'm supposed to use to eat my meals. Since learning how to shovel my food in Basic Training, I've slowed down, but I still eat faster than I ever did before I turned 20 and signed on. Need to learn to slow back down again. Even with my shakes.

As it is, I'm going to have to call and see what they suggest for fiber replacement. I have some Miralax, and that will work for now, I just have to make sure once I'm back on first one then two solid meals (don't want to change too fast, maybe take a week in between) that I'm getting enough veg in, and tracking for fiber.

As far as sleep goes, I remaining on the same meds, just backing off of my anxiety meds that I take during the day, as now that I'm getting sleep which was a big cause of mania and anxiety, I may not need them as much. Appointment in two weeks to see how I'm doing. Message earlier if needed.

So, I did not agree with Eat That Frog's take on 'doing the worst first.' I want to do the most important first, which to me is working out and learning to sew. But, was talking to DH, and he was saying that he totally agrees with Eat That Frog. Plus cleaning (not my worst per say, but I don't like doing it while other things I'll is a workout (unless it is paperwork, that doesn't count, lol). So, I'm thinking about rearranging my days next week and see how this works for me. I would be able to have my breakfast, whereas with exercising I have to wait till afterwards to do so or it sloshes around and makes me sick. I'd still be able to get in my workout clothes straightaway in the morning, just add an apron... I don't think I have any except my baking apron any more... need to learn how to sew one!! But, get my cleaning done early. I usually do it in two hour stints with a break in between to take the dogs out and make sure I'm drinking my water, and train my dog for a few minutes. I don't sit at my computer because then I would be sucked in!

DH talked me into the logic. I have motivation for working out, I want to be in shape and feel better. I have motivation for learning to sew, to start my 'side hustle' and see how far I can take it as I learn more and more. Cleaning is a repetitive thing. Finish all the laundry today? Guess what!? You'll have more tomorrow (here we only do 'emergency' laundry on the weekend, everyone has an assigned day for doing laundry, they start it and move their hamper into the laundry room, I work on it throughout the day, they put it away). I try to do as much during the week as I am able, I don't like weekends being frantic cleaning sessions, I'd rather do it during the week, and since I'm a SAHM, I can. But I have no motivation for it really. Except that I don't want to live like a slob. Things are messy, but not that bad.

It kinda put things in perspective for me. I'll always be willing to sit down and learn how to sew or practice. Not so with certain other jobs. So I guess when it comes to eating frogs, eating the biggest, ugliest one first is the better idea. Or at least, I'm willing to try it for a week or two (if I can stay awake that is, lol).


P.S. Some of you may worry about my all shakes meal plan. But I'm cleared by Dietitian and Bariatric doctor, and will only do it for the 30 days I was approved for. Plus I will be getting some other nutrition in things I add to my shakes to make them taste better. Mostly things like fruit and peanut butter on occasion. So no worries.
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    365 days ago
    It is wonderful that you are adapting your routine to make more sense for you. I hope it works out or that you find a way that does help you accomplish what you would like to in a day. Hubby is a pretty smart guy!
    365 days ago
    You know, housework is working out, really. I think you know where your muscles are, and can engage them while you get your work done. Do an extra squat or 5 when you get the chance, lift heavier loads of dishes to put in the cupboard, etc. Climbing whatever you use (shhh-I use chairs! :-O ) to reach higher areas can be some stair-stepping. You see where this is going. You can combine activities, and/or get some extra working out done while getting your housework done. It does seriously work, I promise! Meanwhile, I like the tone of this blog entry-positive, and a good, solid plan! Here's to tomorrow! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    365 days ago
    Sounds like a plan!
    365 days ago
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