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Day 33/Muffin-top

Friday, September 20, 2019

"My muffin top has officially turned into a pound cake." I read. I don't remember if it was on another blog or meme, but it hit home, because that is where I'm at. I think all the weight I gained back went to my face and my 'pound cake'. Ab workouts and cardio, here I come. And I think I now have just the routine to get me to doing it daily.

I got up at midnight again. Got so sleepy, but my phone was downstairs, so I had to go get it (alarms). By the time I got up the stairs I was awake again. Then at 4 I was like, forget this, I'm going to lay down, and sleep will eventually come. And it did. And DH woke me up saying, "Oh crap honey it's 6!" I reminded him that Fall Break starts today and I have an alarm set for 7 to wake everyone to take the dog to the vet. Oh. Few minutes later, he moves his arm over beside me. So we snuggle until I finally say, I may as well get up and get some coffee. I'd rather snuggle with you, but I have a feeling my alarm is about to go off. Yeah, in 20 more minutes!! So me and Hope are chilling in the office, she is finally eating her leftover dinner, we've got to find a new food for her, she's been refusing to eat at dinner time. And she's getting skinny (to me). Could be her allergies acting up, I think she is allergic to grass and the allergy med she on is not strong enough and we ran out three days ago. She's been itching and licking her feet so much I put Musher's Secret on her pads to help with drying out in case that happened from the constant licking.

I put a whole thing on here last night about something my youngest daughter is going through, and now I'm glad that SP deleted it for being timed out because TMI and just writing it out gave me ideas. All I can say is please pray for my girls. They are both having their own problems right now. And both are worrisome.

So, today is day one emoticon of my all liquids diet. I froze some bananas yesterday, and they will go good either to smooth out the strawberries or with a Tbsp of peanut or almond butter. I asked DH to go get coffee yesterday, and we ended up doing most of our two week grocery shopping (we'll put away some in my account to buy fresh produce in a week). Now I remember that I needed more frozen strawberries and perhaps some vanilla Greek yogurt or cherry Greek yogurt to go with some frozen dark cherries. MMMmmmmm. I LOVE chocolate and cherries. I already ordered another tub of the chocolate, since I'll be having two of those a day. I use Isopure Dutch Chocolate. I also love Syntrax, for something for after workouts, I mix it with water (you have to shake a LOT, and then let the foam go down and add ice cubes) and it tastes like watered down Kool Aid, which is totally doable. I have Twisted Cherry right now, but want grape too, I just can't justify it since I'm having to order almost every vitamin I take now. I let some just get away from me, I had them staggered. But I kept missing taking them. Not good and probably adding to why I'm not feeling my best. Plus I ordered and have not tried more than two of the samples I bought. Yes, you have to buy their samples, but they are pretty cheap. They say on the nutrition thing it is only 23 calories. But there are 4 servings in the bag, which is equal to one normal scoop from the tub. So it's closer to 100 calories, which is not bad at all for an after workout protein.

But I'm hungry, and I've had my last shake. DH says, "You're always hungry." That doesn't help much. So, I'll continue trying this out, and drink more water. If it gets to be too much after a week I'll reduce down to two shakes and have a simple, portion controlled dinner. I think my main problem may be that I had gotten into eating more frequently, and far too many calories. So my body is basically throwing a great big tantrum, demanding more. I'm going to stick to this for the week, and if it is still throwing the tantrum, then I will back off for a little bit and make sure I'm getting chewable food for dinner, but no snacks, and no extra calories (from said snacks). I have to cut down on my coffee intake... today was too much and upped my carbs and calories... again. But I found that the peanut butter with banana and chocolate shake at the end of the day is better, Just use less peanut butter. I accidently/on purpose used 2 Tbsp and while filling, it was difficult to drink. I think with less peanut butter it will taste more like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. It was very close this time, but the peanut butter was a bit too strong.

I'm also starting the whole, "Do the worst first" thing, from Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy. I know I'm going to need a nap today, I was up for 4 hours in the middle of the night! But who knows, maybe getting all of my vitamins and protein will help keep me awake and going. So I'm waking the kids right now and having my coffee. Then when we get back I'll start on the cleaning and getting the house in order, get my to do list together have morning meeting with the kids... Thank goodness for Fall Break! They can relax (and I mean pamper and movie days and all that!) and clean their rooms. Basically they only get 3 days off (Friday, Monday and Tuesday) and for my kids it will be 2.5 days because Tuesday is appointment day. All three of us have appointments. Gonna be a busy day.

Hope did great today! She got looked at by the doctor, groomed, all her shots updated, and the groomer said she did fantastic! My shy, fearful dog, did great!!! We sat in the backseat on the way home so she could stretch out and instead she shoved her head behind my back. It was only like a 3 minute drive, but a hard, quick turn coming out as rush hour was starting and she did not like that at all! Now she's under the desk in the corner trying to sleep. She's had a hard, busy day!!

Just realized I started this blog at 1230 last night and am going to finish at just after 7:30 tonight. Goodness.

So, my new routine will be:
Wake kids and get them off to school
al Cleaning
Sewing/Learning time
Pamper time
Computer time (if not taking a nap for pamper time, lol)
Spend time with kids and evening routine
Before bed routine!

Hope you have a great weekend!!!

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