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Day 36/ New Routine

Monday, September 23, 2019

Yay Monday and little sleep. I don't know what went wrong, but I woke up at 2 AM wide awake. Didn't help that my ODD was having a sleepless night and wanted to stay up and chat with me. Then my dog woke up and started barking. So ODD went back to bed, and me and the pup are in the office while she eats her breakfast. I'm hoping I can take her outside when she is done and put her back to bed, so I can go back to bed. either that or it's going to be a nap day during pamper time!! Or lots of coffee!!

Actually I like Monday's. It's a new start to a fresh week and a chance to do better. I like that.

So, my new routine starts today of 'doing the worst first.' For me that is cleaning. I think I feel like it's just going to get dirty again, so why bother? But honestly, I love a clean, decluttered, organized home that smells good. I just don't like doing it anymore. I used to clean homes for a living when I just out of high school. It actually started as a weekend thing, keeping an elderly woman company and as she got where she didn't need as much company, cleaning the house. Then a trucker wanted someone to clean and air out his house before he got home, he was one that would be gone for like a week or two straight, so he could come home to a nice clean, good smelling house. I don't blame him, I don't think he ever put anything away. And word spread from there. My parents owned a gas station/convenience store, so this trucker would come and drink coffee with the regulars and always just beam and go on about how good a job I did. I ended up with a lot of houses. Most of them either truckers wanting the same, or elderly needing some extra help.

I guess I need to take a step back from my house and look at it like I would someone else's house I was going to clean. That's actually a good idea. I'll start the morning going through the house like that each day and "do the worst first", whatever the worst job is, I'll do that. Right now my problem is that none of them meet my standard of clean. I had some of them clean, but the kids don't understand how you have to keep picking things up in order for things to stay clean. My youngest doesn't get that you can't leave the back door open while taking out the dogs because my dog will bring something wooden inside and chew it to bits on the carpet, then get into whatever she can in that room. My oldest does not understand the concept of putting things away and that not all the space is her space. Almost the whole dining table, where she currently has her laptop, is covered in her school mess and everything else. Her room..... fire hazard. It has to be done first no matter how much I can't stand our dining room looking like that. I can barely open the door all the way and to me, that is a fire hazard.

Next will be exercise. I had a migraine for the last three days, so have done nothing. It would be almost gone, I'd think I'd beaten it, then it would come back. But, blessedly, it is gone this morning. Has been since 2 AM when I woke, and I'm convinced it is staying gone now. Starting on day 2 of the walking program and day 2 of Blogilates beginner calendar (I think... I'll have to look at the calendar, it may be day 1) I just want my rest/recovery day to be Sunday, so I'm trying to set things up where it will be. ODD will be working out with me, YDD will not be till we see what the doctor says tomorrow when YDD goes.

Then shower, small pamper of some kind (face mask, shave, lotion, etc), and dressed for the day. Obviously this routine will have to be flexible for days that I have appointments and have to leave early. And, as I learned Friday, I need to realize I can't 'do all the things.' I need to set timers and alarms to go off for lunch, for every time block, so that I move from one time block to the next and don't just clean like the energizer bunny all day!! And so that I can work on training my dog in between every time block, as well as take the dogs out to go potty and get some fetch and running around time in.

Next is sewing lessons. I'm still on learning my machine. I found a video series on this website that is really great and they go through every step with the sewing machine. Unboxing it, so you see everything you should have, to step by step going through the manual and learning how to set up and use your machine, all the different types of buttons and so on (sorry, I went back to sleep for like 45 minutes and now my brain is asleep). The videos are short and to the point, so I can watch one, go fiddle with my machine, or just bring my machine in here and move my keyboard and stuff out of the way. We'll have to see what works best. I don't think I have a place to plug it up in here.

Then probably lunch (breakfast is with the kids while getting them ready for school, that is my first two hours of the day). Then pamper time, where if I need a nap starting out, I can take one, or do something nice, self care, like coloring, painting, sewing, crochet, something like that. If I don't take a nap, unless I have a particular project to do, it won't take longer than 30 minutes. But I'll put it down as a full hour.

Next is computer time, before the kids get home, probably when I'll do SP (and before bed so I can finish logging everything, make sure it is accurate). Allow myself to start going through my boards on Pinterest and decide, do I really want to keep that Pin, or should I delete it? I have information overload. Things I wanted to get to later on homemaking, too much DIY and Tips, and beauty tutorials... I don't wear much makeup, but I want to get back into it and be good at it. I have an alarm that goes off about 20 minutes before they get home so I can fix them a drink and a snack or at least be downstairs to great them, see how their day went, and how much homework they have so I know if they can go out to play or need to be sitting with their snack doing homework.

From there it is more free, clean up as I go, dinner, our study on the book of John after dinner (or game night, we do the John study 3-4 times a week). Clean up and free time before 8 PM (unless homework is not done) at which time their before bed routine starts, Mine starts at 8:30 PM. The kids are in bed by 9, I'll be in bed by 9:30. I'm still tweaking my before bed routine and need to really give myself over to doing it. Especially remembering to take all my meds and vits, doing some before bed yoga, and drinking some hot tea while readying in my comfy chair (that need WD-40!!) I discovered last night just how badly most of the doors in the house need WD-40, and DH said there was some in the garage, so I'm going to go hunting.

The only thing I really need to place a time for is Bible reading. I've never read all of the Bible. In fact I have not read most of it. How can I expect to grow in my Faith if I don't know enough about it? I'm supposed to be doing this Bible reading journal with my friend in MS and she is like 5 days ahead of me (It's a year long one, but we are taking what time we can with it.) I want to start reading daily. Do I get up a little earlier so I can do it then? Do I do it during lunch? That would give me more time... I don't want to do it during Before Bed Routine because that is the only time I read my fiction books and it helps to 'jumpstart the brain into sleep mode' as long as you aren't reading too bright a screen or in the blue light mode. But, I'll do what sacrifices I need to do in order to have the time I need to read it. It's reading 3-5 (sometimes more) chapters at a time and then journaling and writing a prayer about it. Then usually sharing what I thought about that day's reading with my friend, and she shares too. I'm going to make time to read today. I'm running 'behind' because it is Fall break and because I'm running slow today. I think a bit more java will help me get up and moving. I still have half a cup to drink, so I'll SP and computer till it is gone and then get to work on what I'd normally do during getting the kids ready to go, work on my to do list working from my 'brain dump' from the night before.

Well, I should get to it. 30 more minutes till I wake up ODD. YDD is already up and taken out the dogs for me. Hope's 4th time going out, Pickles 1st.

Now to see how this new routine goes. We are not going to strictly stick to it today because it is Fall Break, we are going to spend more time together and do things together. Probably watch a movie and such. Naps for sure. But some cleaning for sure too.

Hope you all have a great Monday!!

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    Wow. I really like the idea of looking at my house as if it belonged to someone I was cleaning for. I know I've caught that spark, now I'm hoping I can kindle it into a controlled burning flame.

    I had to go look-up ODD, and discovered it probably didn't mean oppositionally-defiant daughter based on the context. hahaha

    Just recall when discouraged that Babe Ruth held the record for Home Runs and Strike Outs at the same time. When we approach the batter's box we have to be ready to swing with all we got. Oh, and it's helpful if we forget to emulate The Babe in imbibing to excess and eating tons of hotdogs. Just saying.
    246 days ago
    So much going on! You have a great attitude. Don't beat yourself up if it doesn't go perfectly the first time. We are looking for progress, not perfection. You can do it!!
    247 days ago
    :-) Aw, you have a great Monday, too! So glad the migraine receded. emoticon
    247 days ago
    You’ve got this!!! Go knock Monday on it’s booty!
    248 days ago
    248 days ago
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