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Day 38

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

What a day. I got up and made breakfast for everyone. The doctor wants my youngest having more protein at every meal, so that means either a prepackaged sausage and pancakes, sausage biscuits or something homemade, like the sausage biscuits and hash browns I made this morning. I helped make their lunches and made sure they both had protein, though YDD ended up having only 10 minutes to eat because her teacher forgot she was supposed to be taking them to lunch. We are waiting on lab work to see if anything is going on with YDD, or if we need to look elsewhere for what is going on.

I tried to take a nap for my migraine at 0800, but my Golden, Hope, would not stay in bed and kept getting into things. So, when they started falling asleep around 1000, I saw my chance, only Hope was feeling super needy and leaned her back up against me, her head almost even with mine, head laying on my arm that she had captured from trying to send a message to my husband, and occasionally turning to give me kisses. She snored. My hand got really cold out of the covers, but she was being so sweet, I just could not make her move. I did eventually fall asleep, but wish I had been able to fall asleep for the whole time. Might have gotten rid of this migraine all the way instead of just making it a little milder.

I didn't get a whole lot done today. I did finally clean the coffee maker with white vinegar, followed up by lots of water to clean it out. I put away some things on my side of the bed room, and cleaned up, I had intended to do so many more things, but with a migraine, I needed to slow down and take care of me. Still need to.

Huh, DH just told me that sugar and caffeine cancel each other out. emoticon No wonder coffee started making me sleepy when I started drinking more of it, now that I'm Diabetic!! So, he brought home some caffeinated Crystal Light. It actually tastes pretty good. I don't normally like the stuff. So, I am going to start my tapering off of coffee, and changing it with this stuff. Strawberry, in case you are wondering, is the flavor, and it is pretty yummy!! And only like 10 calories. That is about how much my lemon juice for my unsweet tea is, so, good deal. But I'll still be sipping my water all day long!!

Gotta get rid of this migraine! I have so much I'm wanting to work on, but this makes me so exhausted from dealing with the pain, and there are times the pain is so intense I have no choice but to retreat with a cold press on my head. I want to clean up as much as possible. I'm starting with a dear SP friend emoticon on Ruth Soukup's 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life, starting on October 1st!! So excited! I've been meaning to get around to it, and finally started reading it after trying to read Eat That Frog and figuring out that it is more for business people than SAHM's. Sure, I plan on starting an online side hustle, or shop, eventually, but I'm not currently. So four out of the 8 chapters I read, the first four I could relate to, the last four I could not. Got to leave an Amazon feedback on that. Anyway, I'm SO looking forward to doing this. I have two blocks set aside in my new block schedule for cleaning, the first is general around the house daily/weekly stuff. The second is seasonal cleaning and/or in-depth cleaning. So for the month of October, I will be doing the Clutter Free Life during this second block. I've read the intro right up to where what I read next will be Day 1. She recommends you do general cleaning before you do your time decluttering on whatever mission she has you do that day, because it is very hard to do so in a space that is messy/dirty. I agree.

For tomorrow I'm putting a reminder on my phone to weigh, measure, and later take a pic. I'll do the same for when the Fall 5% Challenge on Saturday, Oct. 5th for my first official weigh in!! I can't wait to find out if I made it onto the team I wanted or not!! Ah, and today's post said to take a before picture before the end of this week, so may as well post tomorrows picture. Gotta make sure to keep the exact same outfit for last weigh in day on November 30th.

Today I started on my prep work for Fall's goals in my goal planner (Powersheets) and will start on October soon. My goals are pretty much the same, just shaped a little differently. Now I'm looking at sewing not as recreation (though it still is for me) but as a trade to learn to earn money. I'm enjoying myself immensely though, so it is not a hardship. I can't wait to learn a little more and get started on the toddler tie for my little cousin!! We finally got all of the stuff we needed to make three ties. I've got enough material that was given to me so that I can make a demo, just to make sure I got it right, then I can make the real deal. Same goes for the ostomy bags for my friend. I don't have the materials for hers yet, but I do have some spare fabric I can use to practice and may even send to her as well, if it turns out looking good. One is a leopard print that she may actually like. Don't know.

Gotta get my daily/monthly planner set up for the next few months as well. I like to keep it out a few month with the school stuff so I can have Google synced with my planner so that I don't over book a week or miss a school event. It also has a goals section that I like and has motivational stuff in it. I do all my tracking (when I remember to) on the actual goal planner though. It at least stays out where I can see it so that I'm reminded to do the things on the main page (called a 'tending' list).

Okay, gotta stop staring at a screen... head is starting to hurt worse. I'll work on my goals and planner till I need to go see to the kids before bed routine and then my own.

Happy Wednesday to you!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow-you've really gotten a lot done with a migraine! And in general, you are quite busy, and I think you do more than you think you do, even though they're not all the things you hope to do. Ah, well. Life in the world! emoticon
    244 days ago
  • KATIE5668
    you did a lot with a migraine! When I got them the world had to go away. I would shut me up in my room, even the cat breathing sounded like a leopard pacing me. The sound of my own breathing was painful!
    A cold rag or in winter stick my head out a window..some sleep and I was ME again.
    I admire you for being able to do as much as you did with that migraine racking your head!
    I hope you get rest and relief tonight!
    245 days ago
    Wow, I'm tired now.
    245 days ago
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