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Saturday, September 28, 2019

I've lost three pounds!! I'm down to 193 and my BMI is at 36.5, still too high, but I'm working on it!

Things That Weigh Three Pounds:
A steam iron
A box of wine
A can of Crisco shortening
A two-slice toaster

My 'before picture' for the week before the Fall 5% Challenge

I had to take the pictures twice, because the first ones I took I was not awake at all (and you could tell) and I cut the front part of my stomach out of the mirror image by not being close enough. This is the outfit I will wear for all my future pictures. Including the sports bra I'm wearing.

So sad, I got a message saying my subscription box had been delivered... to the post office it turns out. Not to my house yet. The rep said I could go pick it up at the post office, but there is the whole not being able to drive thing that kinda keeps me from doing that. If it is not here by Monday, I will call them in the morning and go by the post office if necessary on Tuesday.

And I've gone back to eating real food for one meal. I could not stand not eating at all, it started feeling like I was punishing myself for gaining the weight back, and that is not what I want at all. So, I am eating one meal a day. and if I need a few more calories, a small snack. I don't want to go into starvation mode.

DH brought home some Crystal Light with caffeine. Normally I can't stand the stuff, but this actually tasted good. Strawberry flavor. So I can start tapering the coffee more, and using this for my morning caffeine, and slowly in the months to come as I get in shape, taper that so that I'm not drinking much, if any, caffeine at all! That will be awesome!

So, I've been delaying doing certain things, and I realized, I'm not doing it scared... I'm just not doing it. Why am I afraid of being good at something? Losing weight, homemaking, sewing, so many more things, I only half-a$$ for some reason. Not any more. This is going to remind me to do my best in everything I do. I know that I can't give 100% right now because of this stupid migraine (it's slowly getting worse again, the sound of the keys on the keyboard clacking is killing my head) but I will get rid of it eventually. I hope. I've checked my schedule and there is just no way for me to be seen before the 9th. At least it is not the 30th any more, but I'm starting the 5% Challenge and need to work out. I have this toddler tie to make, and ostomy bags after that. Then there is the Clutter Free Challenge I'm wanting to start with a SP friend on the 1st as well. Must get rid of this migraine!!

In case you can't read it, it says, " You have failed me brain!"

Okay, going to get started on my before bed routine and do what I can for this migraine. I have a cold compression eye mask arriving tomorrow, hopefully that will help.

Hope you have had a great Saturday and have a wonderful Sunday!!

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