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Day 44/Oops!/Clutter Free Challenge Pics! Entryway!!

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

So, my oops, I lost over half my hair after a surgery in May of 2018, I've found a great supplement that I'm using that is slowly growing my hair back, but I feel like I keep losing it too, so it really is a merry go round. I was ready to try something new when something on the back of the bottle caught my eye, a very big number 2. Oh. Oopsy. I'm supposed to be taking 2 in the morning and 2 at night. Not 2 a day (1 in the morning and 1 at night). So, I'm giving it another chance, will buy another bottle soon. I feel rather silly for reading that wrong all those months ago!! My hair got so thin, I was super embarrassed. I felt like I had almost no hair at all. Now I'm getting a little back, since finding this supplement, and I'm hoping that, now that I'm taking it properly, it will grow back as the doc said it would. Plus, I have to keep my protein levels up, or it won't help one lick.

So, October 2nd, day 2 of the 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life by Ruth Soukup. I'm super happy to say, I think the entryway turned out wonderful. I didn't stay in my time limit though, because I was doing other things as well, like when the floor was drying or if I had to go upstairs I'd start the laundry as well, put the kids stuff in their rooms, all that jazz.

A few pictures to show my progress:

The coat and large item cleaning supply closet before and after:

The bench and hanging section of the entryway:

I took pictures but am not showing the baseboards, I didn't get to them but plan to tomorrow. I also didn't put up pictures of the floor and wall on the opposite side, in the pictures you can't really see the difference, I used a magic eraser on the walls and doors and just that tiny bit makes it look so much better to me. I'm out of windex and didn't realize it, so didn't get the windows, but will get some tomorrow and clean the windows beside the doors. I eventually want to get blinds or curtains for them, I'm tired of having them open to just anyone who wants to look in. The floors look so much better, but are already showing signs of the dogs coming and going from the back yard. I'll just have to remember to buy one of those paw scrubby things that looks like a cup for muddy days!!

Ate well today, gotta go log that, breakfast for dinner. I had a piece of toast, more carbs than I should have from something not a whole grain or starchy veg, but I love toast with eggs!!

Got in a decent workout. Still can't find my extra's of my walking program, gonna have to find a new one I think, hoping I can remember the whole first week, which days were the easy days and which were the hard days.
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