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Re-Finding My Why And Setting Goals

Monday, October 07, 2019

1. What is my reason to lose weight and get fit? This is such a complicated answer!! I was in excellent 'shape' before I had kids. The weight just kept piling on. And then came a few year long massive depression. I've lost 100 pounds, and then gained 26 pounds back in 4 months after my dad died and lots of family drama. I felt great at 166 and was so close to comfortably wearing a size 14!!! I want to get there and beyond!! I'm talking in the single digits jean size! But... why? I remember how I felt working out and going through my day before I gained this weight and became so sluggish. Now don't get me wrong. 192 feels a whole lot better than 270, but I want to feel as in shape and energetic as I used to. Now, of course, I have more medical problems and can't expect those to go away, but having less weight on my injured knee sure will help a bunch!!

I have several why's, and they aren't all the superficial "I want to look great!" Not that having that as one of your why's is bad at all, in fact it is one of mine!! I do want to look great! I want my DH to not be able to keep his eyes off me emoticon But, I have two DD's, one teen, one preteen, and they are going through this with me whether I actively have them involved or not. I've chosen to actively have them involved. They are neither needing to lose weight, so as far as nutrition goes, I'm just making sure they get enough of each food group as I can. But neither are in very good shape, at all. So They are doing the workout portion with me. When I say with me, I work out in the morning, it is the time I'm most likely to get my workout in. But, they need as much sleep as they can get, so they work out after they get home from school. I'll be down in the workout room with them as they do the videos and they have to show me the time and distance on the treadmill after their cardio. I want to show them that they can do anything they set their mind to!

I guess it can be summed up like this: feeling better, looking better, time with my kids, being a good role model for my kids, getting that workout 'high' I used to get; the rush of a good workout and feeling your muscles, flexibility (I feel like I have none, and I used to be VERY flexible), my health; exercise is great for bipolar, depression and anxiety; to be able to get into the great outdoors and get into nature again. I miss it. Learn to swim, seriously, I never had a swimming in my life and am not a great swimmer, I'd love to learn how to swim laps and do that for exercise. I have so many more why's, I can't list them all, but I think I hit the core ones, especially health. I don't know how being in shape will help or not with some of my chronic illnesses, but I know working out helps some of them, and that is a good incentive!!

2. Consistency Is Key! "One of the biggest mistakes beginners make when starting out is not being consistent." (Found on ruleoffitness.com) I agree with this statement!!! That is why I have an entire 10 more weeks planned out!! Not just the walking program, but the Blogilates Beginner Calendar 2.0, yoga routines for during my workout time and a relaxing one for before bed. I work out every day. Sunday is my rest/easy day. Shorter time on the walking, and at a slower pace, just to keep my legs going and my body used to it. Can even take a stroll around the neighborhood!! And a mild yoga session on Sunday. I oopsed and did an ab workout in yesterday on Sunday, but won't do that this next Sunday, will remember to take it slow.

I think some of the things important to consistency is not overdoing it. Some of those ab workouts I did yesterday were not for beginners. At least not this beginner. I don't have the ab strength to do them yet. I did what I could, but it let me know just how out of shape I am, especially my core. Another is getting enough stretching in. If you don't cool down your muscles and then stretch them out, they will not be happy with you for a while!! Protein is also key, if you are working out harder than your normal day, you need a boost in the protein department, as well as hydrating and making sure you are getting all your vitamins and minerals. For me, being diabetic, not getting too much sugar is key, sugar slows me down and can make me so tired I want a nap.It's one of the reason's I've quit coffee except for special occasions. I didn't mean to quit cold turkey, and I'm probably going to regret this once it gets cold, but we just forgot to get coffee, so here I am, coffee free, lol. Oh well, I was wanting to do a sugar detox anyway!!

3. Set short term goals: my main goal is to get fit and healthy! But short term goals are what get you there. I'm going to take this in either 5 or 10 pound chunks, and for each marker or mini goal, I'm going to buy myself something off of my personal wishlist on Amazon. I have a public one and a private one. The private one has things like makeup I'd like to try, cutesy shoes that are totally my style, but none of the clothes I want to wear come in my current size, so while my shoe size is back to normal (a normal size 7.5, was having to get wide. NSV, my feet shrunk! Yay!) I can buy some of the shoes!! I'm not normally a huge shoe person, but I've realized, I'd like to have more pairs of shoes than what I have. Nobody here knows what my favorite styles actually are, because none of the styles I really like come in plus sizes. Nail polish, and accessories that I'd just like to get myself. The family has everyone share an Amazon wishlist every year. I feel weird doing it, even though I've been doing it for 13 years now. Anyway, I think, smaller items, maybe setting spending limits on each goal, like for 30 or 50 pounds lost, even though it is another 10 pound goal, it's still a big deal to reach that mark, so make it something special!! And spend less on the 5 pound goal than the 10 pound goal. I'll have to work out what I really want and set my goals for what is going with what goal marker. This should be fun!!

4. Make it a Priority! Set an appointment with myself and don't miss it. Just like I'm not going to miss either of my upcoming appointments that I've waited for 6 months or more for. They are a solid priority, come rain or shine, I'll be there even if I have to take an Uber to get there (I don't like the idea of getting in a car with a stranger at the wheel!)!! I started out with it being the first thing I do after I get the kids off to school, then we changed it to my least favorite thing first (eat that frog!) cleaning, but that was ruining my workouts. Turns out that for now, my biggest, ugliest frog is exercise. I used to love to exercise, and I want to get to that place again. And I like my routine of getting a shower and dressed and all that before I start cleaning and doing my daily work around the house. Works much better for me that way.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

There are more things to work out, but these are the main points from the article I read at ruleoffitness.com that I agreed with. I disagreed with quite a few of them (there were 14) like leaving your phone off. Sorry, I have kids, and if they need someone, they call me first. And, I am working up my time on the treadmill, I listen to podcasts from my phone during workouts. So, like with anything, I do what Mom always said to do, take away what is good for me and I can work with, and forget the rest.

Just an update, I got up at midnight. I thought my watch said 2 AM, but without my glasses, I didn't see the 1 in front of that 2. I'm holding off on going downstairs as long as I can, I need to get started on so many things this morning, My plan is to start at 3. Not going to be great for DD, she had put off cleaning her mattress till late last night, so it's still wet and she is asleep on the couch. I would go back to bed, but I don't think there is enough time, and it would just make me groggy. Plus, I'm hungry from being up for so long.

Today I'm roasting two turkey breasts we got on deep, deep sale. I made a biga (dough starter) last night for Italian bread, and dough for peasant bread. The peasant bread I will bake in just a few minutes, I'll get the turkey's out to be next in line, and thawing more. And I'll wait on the Italian bread till after the kids leave. In the meanwhile, I'll be making a triple batch of pancakes for breakfast and probably some sausage. I'll freeze what is left, after it is cooled all the way, and probably just two at a time, so that we'll have plenty for the next several days if not the whole week. DH is going to bring home a whole chicken or two, so I'll be making posole (my family's recipe and a combo of another family's recipe) some time in the next few days, if not tomorrow. The girls are going through growth spurts, so they are eating everything in the house! LOL. Open the fridge and inhale.

Hope your Monday is Awesome!!


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    I hope your Monday was a success!
    237 days ago
    Sounds like a solid plan-you can do it! emoticon emoticon
    238 days ago
    Awesome thoughtful Blog. Great plan! Congratulations on all that you have done so far! Happy to be a Starfish with you! Eden
    238 days ago
    I have just finished week 3 of a Challenge from my boot camp (Fit Body Boot Camp!) and it is so fantastic. They give you a personalized set of macros (protein, carbs & fat) to eat each meal - you can choose # of meals each day. And of course you attend as many boot camps per week as you would like. You get a program book that tracks everything - it is SUPER big on examining the WHY. Each day you do a small worksheet to keep you on track. Once you can drive again, you might want to check them out. Sounds like something you would like. Also, there are tons of pool activities you can do in the shallow end. Might be easier on your knee - I know what knee pain is like - ouch!
    238 days ago
  • no profile photo ROSSYFLOSSY
    Go get em! 👍💪
    238 days ago
  • LOF7203
    Thanks for sharing
    238 days ago
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