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Weigh-In #19

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Well, I made a slight bit of a progress. Not much to speak of, but a little. Bloat just isn't wanting to go down. Not doing much of anything with my calories really, either, though. Need to do a better job with planning and executing my meal plans. Oh well, just have to keep moving forward.

Starting Weight: 296.6
Last Weigh In: 273.6
Current Weight: 273.4
Weight Lost This Week: -0.2 lbs
Total Weight Lost: -23.2 lbs
I'll take it.

Starting Body Water: 37.1%
Last Body Water %: 37.5%
Current Body Water %: 37.6%
Body Water Gained: +0.1%
Total Body Water Gained: +0.5%
gained a little body water. I know I didn't have less salt lately, but I have had a lot of liquids and more exercise so that could be why I gained water.

Starting Body Fat: 48.1%
Last Body Fat %: 47.4%
Current Body Fat %: 47.4%
Body Fat Lost: --%
Total Body Fat Lost: -0.7%
body fat stayed the same. I'll take it.

Starting Muscle Mass: 142.6
Last Muscle Mass: 135.8
Current Muscle Mass: 135.8
Muscle Mass Gained: -- lbs
Total Muscle Mass Gained: -6.8 lbs
muscle mass also stayed the same. I'm ok with this, too.

overall stats not too bad at the mo. everything just basically the same. Just gotta have some patience and the weight will start to come down again.
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