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We Are Maple!!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

The sun is shining . . . just like that song about blue skies shining above!! and I'm feeling so much better today. Many thanks to Sparkie friends for all your kind and supportive comments.

Getting to the gym really helped. Nothing like a good workout to put me in the present -- warm up on the elliptical and then upper body and lower body strength training followed by my full leisurely stretch/flexibility/balance routine.

Stepping on the official "balance beam" scales for the first time in over a month and seeing that my weight remains steady with my Intuitive Eating program at 11 pounds lighter than when I was efforting and will powering and disciplining and leash yanking . . . yes, I am happy about that, of course I am. But the way my pants have been fitting really was telling me that story anyhow. Building my trust.

So often I figure out "what to do" by a process of indirection . . . not by fretting or by worrying or by thinking thinking thinking but just by letting it come to me. Also with trust. And yes that worked and yes I knew what to do and yes I went in to work and did just that and . . . feel much better.

Henry is getting huge and no kidding the testosterone is kicking in. And he NEEDS all the testosterone he can get to build strong bones as the best possible preventative against that potential future hip dysplasia relating to his badly broken leg at 8 weeks. We are not planning to neuter him, now or later . . . although of course we'll be responsible about ensuring he doesn't procreate unwanted puppies. But for now, I've needed to step up the obedience program with both the spray bottle for unwanted rebel behaviours (see the rebel gleam in his eye in the middle picture of the three Henrys below . . . ) and treats for desired gentlemanly behaviours. Longer walks, which he can now handle. Plus lots and lots of fetch and chase games in our back yard to burn off high puppy spirits. Establishing the inside is "quiet" space and outside is "rough house" space. It seems to be working . . . and, of course, it's fun!!

Our back yard leaves are always gorgeous and pictures never do them justice. We have several (yellow/peach) sugar maples. And one enormous red maple, with smaller leaves which turn a deep deep crimson.

There is a turkey in the oven for Canadian Thanksgiving -- and a pan of veggies for roasting will go in later in the day. Maybe an insta-pie also?

Feeling my thinking . . . has ebbed.

Life itself is feeling good again.

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