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It's a long and winding road

Monday, October 14, 2019

This made me laugh. That's not how it works.

In the beginning we decide we need to get thinner or healthier, and we try to find a nutrition plan that would give us the results we want as quickly as possible. Dramatic results don't last long, if we even get that far. It may not take long to realize that our plan is boring, even hard, and certainly not a fun way to live. We may give up for awhile until we are ready to give it another go. We may work through a succession of plans over time. Somewhere along the way we ditch the all or nothing thinking that has worked against us.

There are so many voices out there. Most plans work if one sticks with it. What works for some may not be the best plan for us. Is our plan sustainable? Is it something we want to do the rest of our lives?
We finally realize our answer will never be a diet, with a beginning and an end. It is a lifestyle change. It's something we embrace for the rest of our lives. If we stick at it long enough, it can become second nature. We learn to enjoy our healthy way of living.

We may reach occasional plateaus along the way. Or we might find ourselves sinking in apathy and growing lax, letting old unhealthy behaviors creep back in. It requires a diligence and commitment to healthy behavior. Tracking is a wonderful tool to help us achieve our goals.

We can't compare ourselves with others because we are uniquely different. We may not be in the same place on this journey. I was quietly confused when successful people who are obviously light years ahead of me, said that they did not want to live in constant fear of regaining their weight. They felt their habits were deeply ingrained enough that they could relax a little (or a lot). I am truly glad for (and inspired by) everyone who has created their own success story. If they can do it, so can we.

After pondering their wise words, I realized that I am not at a place where I can do that. Maybe someday but not yet. I am a slow learner. I've got the good ole stutter-step perfected, two steps forward, three steps back, cha-cha-cha. It may take me way longer than it should. I will not give up...or at least not for long. With every life changing major event, my nutrition and exercise plans may change. So you see, I still need to be diligent and tracking. I still have more to learn.

I am so thankful for all the wonderful friends I have met on this journey who are traveling with me. Together we are stronger.

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