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Responsive Proactivity and Intuitive Eating!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

OK then . . . lots of syllables in THAT header.

But yesterday at the golf course I was thinking about how Michael Neill's concept of "responsive proactivity" works in the context of my intuitive eating experiment.

The golf course was beautiful -- really crisp and cool, intermittent sunshine and clouds, gorgeous bright leaves . . . and I saw a couple woolly bear caterpillars!! They race so quickly on their little black rubbery feet . . . absolutely in a hurry!! And so natty in their black and russet striped fur . . . perfect for a crisp autumn day!!

Before we left, I had an egg white omelette, made in my microwave pan: with mushrooms, habanero cheese, red bell pepper and lots of spinach. I wanted a solid hit of protein and fibre . . . because walking the golf course and swinging a club as often as I have to takes quite a bit of energy!! Proactivity. Optimal nutrition.

But: we were planning to have lunch at the club house after our game.

And: I love the club's chicken wings. With French fries. Which I haven't had yet this season.

There was a new flavour on the menu -- Caesar Parmesan, crispy with melted cheese. Dill dip and celery and carrot sticks. The French fries were terrific too . . . hot hot fresh and crispy. With . . . a glass of Chardonnay.

Exactly what I wanted to eat.

The order came with 14 wing pieces and a huge tray of the fries: which I positioned on the table between myself and DH (who had uncharacteristically ordered a SALAD!! And, I am pretty sure, regretted his choice!!).

I ate slowly, enjoying every mouthful, until I was full. Maybe seven pieces of chicken -- I wasn't counting. And perhaps a third of the French fries -- I wasn't measuring.

I responded to my hunger signals. Stopped when I was just about full. Waited a few minutes. Moved the food further away from myself. Ordered a black coffee which came freshly brewed and hot hot hot: just the way I like it.

Yes, DH ate all the rest of the chicken and almost all of the French fries. But HE stopped too when he had had enough . . . as he always does. Sigh. Intuitive eating is NOT something he needs to learn.

Soon the woolly bears will be in their cocoons till spring.

And they will hatch into Isabella tiger moths . . . very modest and unassuming. Much less flamboyant than a Monarch or swallowtail . . .

And no no no . . . . there's nothing spectacular about the results of my intuitive eating. Nobody is going to mistake me for a super model. I've emerged as just a relatively normal body weight old gal!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    “I've emerged as just a relatively normal body weight old gal!!” SUCCESS!!!
    Perhaps not a “super model” in everyone’s world but definitely a Spark Super Model!
    I respect and admire your entire journey here with each phase and facet impacting your version of success and my own! Keep rockin it and keep Sparking!

    230 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    233 days ago
    Wonderful blog thanks :)
    233 days ago
    I've always found that if I eat foods I like, it takes so much less food to satisfy me.

    And woolly bears!!!! There's some folk lore that the relative size of the russet portion foretells the length or severity of the winter to come, but of course with no accuracy.
    233 days ago
  • _CYNDY55_
    emoticon Great Blog!!
    233 days ago
    ...and oh how I LOVE woolly bears... I rescued two from the snow last week , and I've been feeding them in the house. I need to get them back in to their natural habitat... they've been more than gracious stopping with us awhile. I've never seen a cocoon... maybe next year I'll try to experience the whole life cycle!
    233 days ago
    I've emerged as just a relatively ... normal body weight old gal!!

    Ahhh … normal!!!

    My brain bounces between getting rid of alllllll the obscene pounds NOW and being … normal.
    233 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    233 days ago
    A day well lived!
    233 days ago
    Maybe not a super model but definitely a lot happier.

    233 days ago
  • GABY1948
    You have done fabulously! You are one determined and smart lady! emoticon
    234 days ago
    Lots of words here and the whole menu at the golf club ...funny actually. My intuition is flawed when it comes to favorite foods. So easy to slip up, but once in a while, we all do.
    234 days ago
    Glad you got your golf in and had a wonderful lunch -at least DH got some meat on his bones. Imagine a salad, wouldn't have guessed lol.
    Neat little critter. Still seeing lady bugs, but didn't notice any caterpillars.
    Mom and I did get out for a walk with Daisy on Sunday. A ton of dogs were out, love the free dog show- and saw the cutest dalmation -she had a complete ring around her eye, was striking!
    Have a great, hopefully less stressful, week!
    234 days ago
    Normal weight is GOOD! Healthy is what we are going for, right?

    Loved this example of intuitive kindness to your body. emoticon
    234 days ago
    emoticon Tee up for intuitive eating!
    234 days ago
    234 days ago
    Glad to see you got to enjoy a round of golf. We are having a nice stretch of autumn weather and I played both Sunday and Monday. The foliage is spectacular, the fairways lush and air cool with a hint of salt.
    On Thursday though we are getting hit with a Nor'Easter which will knock all the leaves off the trees. Weather for the weekend looks favorable to my final rounds of the season. Time to ship me and the clubs south.

    I am finding your exploration of IE very interesting but I am always thinking "yeah, but how does that work against all of forces against us in terms of food chemistry" How does this work in avoiding food cravings?
    In prior blogs I assumed you were still pretty much eating the way you have been doing for a long time just not making yourself track it. You were still having salad for lunch and soup for supper, I thought. But now I see you flirting with what I consider danger foods like the highly palatable french fry. Any fears?
    234 days ago
    What a life!
    Sounds like an amazing day!
    I love how you process new info and synthesize it to take what makes sense and that you need AND share it with us.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    234 days ago
  • NANCY-
    I am envious of your intuitive eating skill. WTG on trusting and listening to your body's needs. Perhaps one day ... I too will be able to listen to my body.
    234 days ago
    emoticon blog!!
    234 days ago
    Doing the hard work
    234 days ago
    Stopping when full AND enjoying what you ate!
    I've started trying that too but still have a bit of trouble on the "full" signals. I'm still eating like a mom late on the carpool. I've got to get some skills on SLOWLY enjoying what I'm eating!

    Your day sounds lovely!
    234 days ago
    Those caterpillars are charming! I've never seen one like that. And well done for the intuitive eating - sounds like it's working really well for you. We eat for so many other reasons than hunger don't we?
    234 days ago
    Terrific blog.
    234 days ago
    I enjoy seeing those wooly bears here, too. The trick is to keep the grandsons from wanting to pick them up because they will bite! Your IE is going well! I appreciate the proactivity concepts! I made sure to get enough blueberries and cherries with a little granola in the Greek yogurt for the energy I'llneed with the wee ones today! They burn it for sure!!
    234 days ago
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