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Keeping Fit, Mind and Body/Sewing!!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Now I just need to buy a pair of boots!! Annnnnd... it's time to start making those scarves and scoodies and hats I've been meaning to make (crochet)!! First I'll make the kids and DH's, then I'm going to make a full set for me! I'm even thinking about making myself something like this (both the infinity scarf and the sweater):

would be my first sweater, and my first ribbed anything. I'd have to find something similar to make a pattern to work with. Would not look exactly the same, but I'm sure I could come close. I'm just nervous about making something like that because I'm still losing weight.

I started work on the tie for my little cousin, only to discover they got me the wrong kind of fusible webbing (I needed double sided to so it would stick to both items), must order that today, I am going to go ahead and work on the rest of the tie today, as well as the ostomy bag cover for my friend. I finally talked to someone (don't remember if I mentioned this) who sent me to a video that had link for a pattern. Yay! Otherwise I would have had to have made my own! It's a very rough pattern, and the camera work on the how to video it horrible, but it is better than no instruction at all!! Since I was waiting on those two, I hemmed a pair of DH's pants for work. It's the best looking hem job I've done, now I just need him to try them on!! The pants are a little too big for him (yay for losing weight! but his weight fluctuates) so a belt will be a must!! I do hope I got it right this time. The last time I tried to hem some jeans, got the directions wrong, and turned them into capris!!! He even wore them around the house a few times, just to get me laugh at what I was so frustrated at. He's a gem.

I'm hoping to get some walking in this morning, then my focus will be on sewing and keeping up with my challenges. I need to take it easy so I don't wear myself out. Still have the sinus/congestion thing, though not as bad. But insomnia has had me up since 2 AM, so a nap may not be a bad thing. I would like to make it through the day without one though.

I'm glad to say I've found some workouts that work for me. I am in worse shape than I thought and need to get up to a baseline before I even think about starting some of the
"beginner's" programs I've tried. I need a novice beginner's program, LOL! Or pre-beginners!!

So yeah, so my brain, with the seizures or whatever it is that is going on, I feel like I need to be putting it to more use to keep it.... well, kind of like you need to exercise your muscles to keep them strong, I want to exercise my brain more. Plus, I love to learn. I got my education in spite of the school I went to, not because of it. I've always been a curious person, and love learning, especially things like sewing that interest me, and history, which I love. There was a daily program I was subscribed to where you 'played' whatever brain games they had set up for you that day, depending on how you did the day before, and I wish I could remember the name of it, because I want to do that again, if it isn't too expensive. I also asked DH to teach me. What? Anything. He's having fun with this, and he is an excellent teacher. Yesterday, once I told him, he sat down and went through his Kindle and listed off a ton of books he'd like me to read, and asked me what kind of books I'd be interested in and such. I just want to keep learning so that I can keep my brain active. I am losing memory. I lose words. I sometimes can't say a word, I'll say anything but the word, but not on purpose. I even do it typing sometimes. I used to be really good at my typing and not misspelling words very often. Now the back button or the auto-dictionary telling me I've misspelled something are my friends when I type. I always read everything twice before I send/post it because I'll leave whole words out. It's affected my eyesight too. I can't read fine print, like on medicine bottles, my eyes will unfocus or not focus at all, and I just got new glasses. So yeah, can't wait till my new neurology appointment. My brain scans have all come up fine, but something is causing this.

I'll post pictures of the ties once I get them done, same with the ostomy bag covers and whatever I manage to get done crocheting.

Hope you have a great Thursday! And thank you for stopping by my blog!!

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