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Saturday WooHoo!/Planning Day

Saturday, October 19, 2019

It was 2 AM, but who's counting, right? LOL. Insomnia sucks, but at least I'm pretty sure I'll be able to go back to sleep in an hour or two. It's Sleep-in-Saturday!! WooHoo! I don't do that often, but I need to today, unless my brain doesn't cooperate, then I'll just go work out. That usually helps either tire me out or wake me up the rest of the way.

I discovered that the new sleep med I'm on causes weight gain. Um, no. Not staying on that. I managed to lose 2 pounds this week, but that is probably because I was sick and living on broth from the soup I made. Darnit, now I want some!! emoticon but it is way too early to be eating it!

I still have some residual from the sinus and chest congestion, but it is much better today. No coughing fits last night, hooray! I'll probably tire easily, but I'll keep that in mind and not push too hard. Today we are going grocery shopping, and a few other places. But mostly I will be working with ODD on her room. I've got her sleeping on the couch because we are using her bed for sorting, she'll do the same tonight. I made a lot of progress on her room, she just kinda stared at stuff. And complained. I'm still going to have her in there every time I'm in there. It is her room and I'm not going to throw things away or keep things without her helping. Unless she starts not wanting to help at all. Then I'm going to kick her out and clean it myself. And I will have one unhappy 13 year old. But, her room cannot continue with the two feet high mess (literally in some places, it is that high!!). If it takes longer than the weekend, she will work with me on it for an hour after school all week till it is done, because next weekend is YDD's turn.

I missed most of the week of the Clutter Free Challenge I'm doing with my dear SP friend emoticon I'm keeping track of what I miss so that I can do it next month. My kitchen is already looking a cluttered mess again (mostly it is just dirty dishes, I'm really short so have a hard time with the huge pots I use to make the soup I made - from scratch, I make my own bone broth and everything - so DH has to clean those and he has been sick too). I need to go back through my pantry and see what I can free up room for in there. I don't have a big pantry by any means, I would say it is smaller than anything you could remotely call a closet, but there has got to be a way to keep things more organized (hard to do with kids that just toss things in). But that will have to wait.

I'm so looking forward to working out some today! I'm going to try to get at least 20 minutes on the treadmill, a 10 minute pilates video and either the 15 or 20 minute yoga routine. Abs today. Lots of stretching!!! I feel stiff because of the lack of stretching this week. I tried to do my stretching and yoga, but coughing fits kept me from it. I'm finding my beginner's beginner workout (LOL) slowly but surely. Just individual exercises on the part of the body I'm working that day that I can do, and will slowly build up until I can do the fitness videos I want to do. I've got to work out a schedule for what days I'm working what body parts. I've got my bands (the really big rubber band looking ones) that I'm going to try to start working with, light weights, a 10 pound medicine ball, and small foam roller. Can't wait to use the foam roller to work out some of the tight muscles in my back and legs!!

Today is Planning Day, where we plan out the rest of the week for the afternoons and let the girls know what days appointments are on and how much (if any) school they may miss. Usually I schedule individual time with the kids for one day a week, a game night, an art night, and then it depends on them getting their homework done if we get to do those things. And laundry catch up day. ODD has a hamper overflowing with laundry because of us (or I should say me) cleaning so much yesterday. We'll get that done today, and hopefully all of her extra blankets and such and get her bed back to working order by tomorrow. The only reason she doesn't like sleeping on the couch (we have comfy couches, I've slept on them plenty of times) is because I get up in the middle of the night to get tea or coffee or something else warm for my throat. And because I just can't sleep and after an hour or two of being up my stomach demands breakfast. I usually just get something small to tide me over till I can use the blender for my morning shake. Which has been difficult to drink because it has been so cold this week!

I'm trying to surprise DH for Christmas and his birthday. He has wanted wall decor for our house, but we have not bought any because he wants specific scriptures and meaningful things on our walls. So I sneakily (I'm afraid not sneakily enough) got him to tell me a bunch of his favorite scriptures so that I can have a friend of ours who does that, paints it on wood, for both. His birthday is really close to Christmas, so I'm worried it may not be done in time, but I'm hoping. I talked to the lady that does it, a friend from the last church we went to, and am waiting on an estimate of how much it will be so I can set that aside. I finally narrowed it down and then picked two, the Lord's Prayer and Psalm 1: 1-2. I love that Psalm. And the Lord's Prayer. I wanted to get some of his other favorites, but they are much longer and would cost a lot more. For now I need to not spend as much, so I'm sticking with those two.

I get to see one of my bestie's during Thanksgiving break!!! That Saturday after Thanksgiving she is going to come to the city we will be in (an hour and a half drive for her) and spend some time with me!! I'm so excited I have not seen her in almost 10 years!! We chat on messenger almost daily, and call whenever we need someone to talk to, but we have not been able to be in person since my family moved to GA. I can't wait! Then, next year we are going to spend oh, at least 3-4 days together for our birthdays. We are about a year and a few days apart. She has not celebrated her birthday in forever, and last year I had a rather sucky birthday, so she decided that this year she would come celebrate with me. And now she is actually looking forward to celebrating her birthday!! Yay! We have been throwing ideas around for what to do. She wants to taste my homemade bread. I'm probably going to bake the cake myself (whatever her favorite is) and some of my favorite cookies (portion controlled, and working out the calories, of course), she is going to BBQ for the family for one dinner, and we will probably go out to lunch together so we can have that time just for us. Maybe even a dinner just us going out. Play card or board games with the family one night. She is going to try to bring her DD, but it depends on how many days of school she would miss and has missed already. I'm really looking forward to our birthdays!!

Thanksgiving is going to be difficult, Grandma is not doing well and is in a wheelchair most of the time, we are going to be sleeping on air mattresses, Aunts smoke in the house and refuse to smoke outside while we are there. It makes my migraines worse. And I won't have a place to go lay down during the times my migraines are bad (hopefully we will have them under control by then) because our sleeping area will be the living room. Maybe I can stretch out on a couch in the den. There will still be smoke, but I can bring my ice pack and ice eye mask and that will help a lot. I need to start making a list of what we are going to bring. We are going to be smoking a turkey, possibly a duck as well, and either a sweet potato casserole or veggies. I was going to do the casserole, but then remembered the lack of veggies and realized I won't have much to eat unless I bring the veggies myself. I mainly eat meat and veggies and my protein shakes. Hmmm. Will have to minimize clothes because we may make a roast as well while we are there, so that one more meal will be taken care of while we are there so Grandma and Aunt don't have to worry about it. We always go buy breakfast one day from Chik-fil-a for the whole family as well. I'll also be baking my peasant bread but with rosemary and thyme in it. So, I'll have to take my cast iron Dutch oven as well. May make a 2nd one to go with the roast. That is a lot to fit into our trunk. Plus the kids stuff. DH and I share a suitcase. Don't' ask me how we stuff it all in that tiny suitcase, but we do, lol.

Okay, I think I may finally be ready to go to bed, and I took a break from writing this to make my packing list, so that is one more thing off of my mind.

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday and to my fellow 5%'ers, let's have a great first day on our next 'week' of doing our best!!


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    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    225 days ago
    Well, take care! I hope you have the migraines, etc. in hand so the smoke won't clip your already overworked immune system! :-}
    225 days ago
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