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Day Two

Monday, October 21, 2019

Yesterday I did well. I came in under my bottom calorie goal but that is ok because I know my body and if I was to eat 1400 calories in a day I would not lose weight. I'm completely sedentary due to illness and I'm sure my metabolism is at a crawl. I had weighed myself several days ago and did not weigh myself at the inception of this journey. So this morning I weighed in and found i was actually one pound higher---but that does not mean I gained it yesterday. For all I know, I may have lost a pound. I wish I'd weighed myself sooner....SO I just set up my weight goal info and I adjusted the number for today's weight as the starting weight.

I think that I am going to really strive to keep my nutrients in proportion to one another. I will aim for 50% carbs, 30% fat and 20% protein. I was planning on making a sweet potato smoothie but I'm hesitant because I calculated it and added it to the tracker before I ate it--and as it stands now, it is an 80% carb meal. I'm going to mess with my intended recipe and see if I can crank up the protein and be rid of some of the carbs.

Last night I slept very well. That almost NEVER happens with me. I have severe chronic pain and night times usually find me sitting in my recliner wishing for sleep. I did move to the recliner at some point last night but continued to sleep deeply and restfully---I even dreamed which I almost never do. As a result of this deep sleep, I did not eat anything at all overnight. This is a great victory. I wonder if it had anything to do with my balanced meals yesterday?

Today my daughter and I were going to go out for lunch. I don't know if I want to do that. Calories are usually way too high at a restaurant. There are two restaurants in town that do serve some good vegetable or salad selections. Maybe we can go there. I need to shower first.

Today I have to take on our new insurance company and see if there is any way I can find a provider who deals in respiratory equipment. I've been struggling with them all week last week and the fight continues. And before I do anything I will start my day in Scripture and prayer as I usually do. May God grant me strength, perseverance, and patience!!

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