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Thinking again, this time about "too".

Saturday, November 09, 2019

I've been behind the scenes brewing about intuitive eating, intermittent fasting and various other methodologies to apply to my quest for being healthier. I've mentioned before that I've conquered the physicality of my quest. I exercise, too much and too hard it seems, according to my PT!

She reminds me daily: slow, small movements. That's hard for someone who lives "BIG".
Yep, I can be a drama queen.
I eat too fast. I've no longer a need to wolf down food and run the kids somewhere yet everyone else is halfway through their food when I'm already in the clean plate club. At the moment my belly is complaining as I finished my breakfast in the blink of an eye. No one was staring at me trying to get it off my plate.

I snack too often, and too much.

I react to stress by eating too much, too fast and too many times.
I notice this is getting too monotonous.
The blog AND my habits in my life. If I write it, I'll work on it.
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    singing my song again. I eat too fast!
    234 days ago
    The story of my menopausal life. LOL. I have to always remind myself that I am not eating my last meal...............as far as I know. LOL. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    239 days ago
    OH my goodness. I do remain faithful to knowing the first 1-2 bites are the best of all. After that . . . . it's mouth feel, etc. I generally am a slow eater. I don't eat any meal any slower than 20 minutes. It works for me. But took a long time to practice and maintain.

    I noticed my DD, when she was little, was the same way. SLOW eater. But DH and DS, they were working on 2nds.

    Good luck.
    239 days ago
    I recognize myself in your words... too fast, too much, too often. Thankfully, we keep thinking and trying! emoticon
    239 days ago
    Speed eating was a real deal for me too, I conquered it. Proof positive it’s possible. Makes an enormous difference. This from the girl who embodies “Go big, or go BIGGER!” I used to tell my students to go big or go home. One day a student in my math class told me my motto was go big or go bigger.” How I laughed, he’d nailed me...and you.

    The physical piece is waaaaay easier for me as well. Who knew an athlete lived in me? The sweat, the endorphins...amen. Muscle is a glorious fat furnace. Upping my strength work has transformed me from the inside out. Functional fitness, CORE strength, body weight work are the trifecta of awesomeness for me. Working the mental mindfulness deal. Again, no meds to regulate super high cholesterol...fitness and nutrition are what I have to work with. I get the job done. However, there’s mega room for improvement...I remain a work in progress.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    239 days ago
    Although (thus far) it hasn’t resulted in a net loss (I continue to fluctuate w/in a 5-lb range at the higher end of “acceptable” for me for several months now) - I have noticed that my change to OMAD (One Meal A Day) has resulted in slower consumption
    (Initially I was commenting via my phone, which limits me to 140 characters, kinda like Twitter! ANNOYING!)
    240 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/13/2019 9:03:21 AM
    I have learned to eat more slowly and now I am sometimes last to finish. We have breakfast with John and Betty almost every week. I notice that John eats very fast.

    I would like to be able to say that I don't eat in the evening but I haven't achieved that goal yet.

    Keep working on it and continue to write. emoticon
    240 days ago
    Yes, if I write about it very often I am on the way to figuring it out for myself . . .
    240 days ago
    'Inch-by-inch. . .'
    for me, I can only tackle one at a time rather than the 'laundry list'.
    240 days ago
    Had to emoticon at ALICIA363's comment, as when I share meals with her, I'm aware of the habits I need to be following. I remember the big trip in 2014 to Wisconsin and how we discovered the joy of having an eating buddy!

    Meanwhile, working on the experiment, still, same issues as you on the food front, and learning. Always learning. We are a human becoming! emoticon
    240 days ago
    I cannot stand the overfull tummy feeling (if that’s what you meant)!
    Do you meditate?
    Even 5-10 minutes of guided mindfulness mediation would help you slow down and do everything in a slower more mindful way.
    I just use YouTube...love Jason Stephenson, although most of his are longer and for sleeping.
    240 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    Make it so!
    I find it very important to be done eating for the day when dinner is done.
    BUT ... look at that big but :) ... that means no popcorn and movies with DH, no shared sweet treats of an evening, like we're on a 'date" .... sigh. It's the relationships piece of food that does me in (unless OKM and I are eating our meals together, that seems to keep me on better track!).
    I shall work on it, too!
    240 days ago
    My tummy doesn't hate me as much as it use to after adopting the habit of eating s-l-o-w-l-y, chewing each bite thoroughly.

    I read that eating s-l-o-w-l-y can change your set point, digestion system and enjoyment of eating.
    240 days ago
    You can slow it down. It takes time to get a new habit so a little less rushing. Or you can try eating with your other hand. If you are a lefty, switch over.
    240 days ago
    Me and my daughters (should that be I?) are all SLOW eaters. The men folk wolf it down.
    240 days ago
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