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I'm so Excited!?

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


I’m so excited today. At least I should be, I think. In the last 7 weeks I’ve lost a total of 6 (+) pounds. In October I lost 5.5 pounds. Go me! I NEVER lose this much in a month. Normally if I lose at all it’s about 2 – 2.5 pounds in a month. I am on track to hit Naturally Slim goal of 4% of my starting weight by the end of the round (1.1 pounds to go). My goal for BLC is another 3.4 pounds away. Looking at it, I *could* make this goal, but knowing myself and the way I lose weight (lose 1 – 2 pounds for a week or two and then gain the 3rd week), probably not, but maybe. It is less than 3.5 pounds away.

But I’m not feeling elated. I’m feeling kind of meh. It’s just another day. Of course, we are now firmly into fall and back to Standard Time, which means less afternoon/evening daylight, shorter days overall, more cloudy gray skies and colder weather. Traditionally a time for me to hibernate and gain weight. This year I am trying something different.

At the end of September/beginning of October I joined a nutritional weight loss program, paid for by my work. This is NOT a diet. In fact, you are encouraged to eat ALL the foods you love. NOTHING is off limits (unless medically necessary like food allergies). The “trick” to this site is to eat only when truly physically hungry (hunger level 3) and drink (trademarked) H2Orange and other non-caloric drinks (other than diet soda) between meals.

After 7 weeks I’ve lost 6.3 pounds, just over 0.75 pounds a week. Looking at it in black and white I’m satisfied with that number. Sure, I’d like it to be more, but… I haven’t lost anything in the past year before this. I’d been gaining/losing the same 5 pounds. And I’m LOSING consistently during a time it is traditionally tough for me to even maintain.

Starting mid-October, I tend to become melancholy, if not depressed between memories and shorter, more dreary days. This year though I see hope for the first time in years. I am learning a new way of eating and understanding how my body works. I don’t always eat breakfast anymore. If I’m not hungry I will plan a “snack/hunger saver” (hunger saver is their term for eating a small protein rich food, no more than 100 calories) if you can’t eat immediately when at a level 3 hunger. I can use this every other day at work (Tue/Thu) to wait until lunchtime when I can use the 10-5-10 rule to eat.

See I get up at 5 AM (alarm goes off whether I’m ready or not for DH) and don’t really get hungry until between 8:30 and 10:00. But my lunch isn’t until 12 noon. I am at the front desk so I can’t eat much while there, so a small hunger saver works. There are days though that I’m hungry earlier. I have found I get to a level 3 hunger 5 times in two days. So, I eat breakfast on two days during the week and just use hunger savers the remaining 3 days of the work week.

Eating more slowly I eat less overall but enjoy the meal more. I guess mindfulness really works. 10-5-10 is where you eat for 10 minutes, rest for 5 minutes, and finish eating in the next 10 minutes (longer is OK as long as you are only comfortably full afterward). My portions are shrinking. I am leaving a few bites of food on my plate (depending on portion size). I am hoping to continue this trend continues, no, this trend WILL continue until I am where I want to be weight wise.

Top 10 things I am realizing…
1. I don’t always need to eat breakfast before work.
2. I like water with a little orange juice in it.
3. Eating more slowly (chewing food longer) makes the food *more* enjoyable/tastier.
4. I don’t need snacks or to graze all day long.
5. Hunger is not the enemy.
6. It is OK to let the body signal when it is hungry, I don’t have to eat at set times.
7. I don’t have to clean my plate (and this one is HUGE).
8. Sometimes a “snack” aka “hunger saver” is enough.
9. Eating one food at a time helps control hunger and how much I eat
10. Eating my favorite food first and really savoring it also helps control hunger & how much I eat.

11. Exercise is NOT necessary for weight loss
12. Exercise is GOOD for the BODY and overall health.
13. I can eat the foods I love (including French fries) and still lose weight.
14. Drinking H2Orange (1:7 orange juice to water) helps keep cravings at bay.
15. I am more thirsty than hungry most mornings.
16. I cannot go 16 hours without eating.
17. Portions matter.
18. Finding a signal to designate when done is helping keep portions under control.
19. Putting my fork down between bites helps me to eat slower
20. It is OK to “fail”. Failure is only permanent if you stop.

I am also trying to remember the good things. The things I am grateful for. The things done well.

Today I am grateful that my work is paying for this behavioral change nutritional program.
Today I am grateful for a husband who loves and supports me.
Today I am grateful for an understanding boss who gives me the time off I need to stay healthy (aka DR appointments).

Today I ate mindfully.
Today I exercised before work.
Today I ate my packed lunch.
(and tossed a good portion of the rice and some of the chicken as I was “comfortably” full and satisfied).

Life is good.
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