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A good day for me

Thursday, November 14, 2019

It's cold and snowy here. We've set new records for cold this month. I've had early morning for appointments this week. Brrrrr.

* * * * *

Recently one of my lab tests came back with an elevated reading so the physician ordered additional testing at the hospital. I had the ultrasound this morning and already have the results. No further tests needed. Keep doing what I've been doing. Thank you, God.

This is an entry from my journal here on November 4 when I was working through my feelings.
* * * * *

I may be tooling along on my merry way one day.
The next day the doctor gives me a devastating diagnosis.

Nothing changed. I was just as sick before she told me the diagnosis.
What changed?
My awareness. I didn't know what was inside me before she told me.
Am I more sick now that I know?
The big change is in my head.
Ignorance is bliss.
However, ignorance will not make it go away. It will not turn back the hands of time.

I have to look at my options. I have to be guided into treatment or whatever is needed. I have to follow through.

There is a program called Scared Straight. [It's very intense, and not a program I usually watch.] It is for youngsters who are headed in the wrong direction. The ones I've seen have already had negative encounters with the law. Some are gang members.
They think they are tough. "I ain't afraid of anyone." "I ain't afraid of jail." "I could do ten years in prison easily."

Their parents enroll them in the program. They go to a real jail, a special jail with real inmates that have been transferred into this facility.
The prison staff and inmates interact with the kids to show them what prison is like. Each youngster eventually reaches their breaking point and decides they never want to spend another moment in prison again.
They turn their lives around and start living differently, seeing their future in a more positive way.

Scared Straight.
After we receive a devastating diagnosis, we review our options.
Suddenly, it's very real.
Now we have the motivation to take care of our health.
Now we have the will power to eat right and exercise and get enough sleep.
Now we are ready to do whatever we have to do.
* * * * * *

I have blogged about my journey with cancer.
The current medical issue (not cancer related) was diagnosed a couple of years ago.
The recent change was like a punch in the gut because of the possible worst case scenarios.
So I've had the follow-up test and dodged another bullet. How many chances does one person get? Health issues come faster and more frequently as we age.

The plan is to continue what I've been doing healthwise. Continue losing weight and avoid certain kinds of foods. (This year I have made big changes in my health plan that have been more successful. More about that in another blog when I've done it longer.)

Another cautiously happy-dance day.

Special thanks to Barb (1 CRAZYDOG) who is a fountain of information and a great encourager. I am so thankful for the wonderfully supportive community here on Spark.

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