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I highly recommend physical therapy for many reasons

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Who knew at the ripe age of 65 I'd find I was moving incorrectly? I noticed I was starting to sway when I walked. My hips and hamstrings were hurting and some of my exercises were suspect in these aches.

My therapist worked with me to change some of these old habits and I am happy to say I have lost most of the hamstring pain and am able to walk longer distances before pain kicks in. I might not be able to walk the lengths I used to but now I am pain-less if not pain-free! I have always been well-attuned to my body and can feel the changes proper form can make.

I have simple hamstring exercises and added them to my daily ablutions! When I dry my hair I have always "just" bent at the waist and shot the hot air through my hair. That stretched my back but didn't use my glutes or hamstrings. Now I stand as she directed; bent at the waist but keep my body VERY parallel to the floor, glutes tight, shoulder blades reach towards the center and knees slightly bent. I straighten my knees and feel those hamstrings stretch the proper way. Hold and release by bending my knees slightly. (try this, Barb, if you haven't already!) Another "hair drying" hamstring stretch is placing my arch against the tub edge, leg straight then lowering my heel towards the tub.
You can see I get bored easily!!!!!!!!!!!!

I walked too big. Now I'm taking slightly shorter strides paying attention to the directions my feet are pointing.

I do everything fast so I'm slowing down all those exercise movements. Hmmmmm gotta apply this to eating!

The therapist approved all my gym exercises and I need to pay attention to hip rotation. When I performed several routine exercises I noted that by NOT rotating my hips I was getting better muscle results! I'm hoping I can continue improving and have less bursitis pain in my hips as well. Damage done may not go away but I can stop more from happening.

Off to practice what I learned!
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