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Happy All The Time?

Thursday, November 21, 2019

"Not everybody has to be happy all the time. That’s not mental health. That’s crap."

Yes, those are the immortal words of Meredith Grey. We've been watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix -- now in season 13 -- and it waxes and wanes in fascination. But is sometimes just the thing on a Friday night when we're both feeling more-or-less brain dead. With very little hope of resuscitation at all.

It's safe to assume that every single person you encounter is dealing with a pretty major crisis all of the time. The luckier people? Just ONE crisis. But for most of us, they're multiple and never-ending.

We struggle along. The expectation that life should be stress free? In and of itself, a major cause of stress.

We angst about our anxiety. Rather than accepting . . . it's part of the human condition.

The Three Principles thing? The intuitive eating thing? The gentle movement thing? The intermittent fasting thing? The body kindness thing?

They aren't answers to life's problems. Individually OR collectively. Not at all.

These are practices that support me. And these are practices that make it possible for me to experience the joy of ordinary things in the moment. Or, if joy fails me on occasion, at least some moments of relative calm and relative contentment amidst those crises. Some glimmer of proportionality when I recognize, oh yeah: I'm feeling my thinking. Again.

With the support of these practices, I am grateful that I'm not stress eating -- because stress eating would just add to the burden. Literally and yes, figuratively too . . . my figure gets thick around the middle!!

But but but: I don't have the answers. Of course not.

There ARE no answers. Just contextual responses to ongoing questions . . . all those questions that letting life live me continues to present on each incoming surge of the tide.
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