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All The Stuff We Have . . .

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Friday, November 22, 2019

Even though during last year's renovation project we filled a BIG dumpster THREE times, and took a lot of other things to the thrift store for recycling . . . we still have stuff.

A LOT of stuff.

And stuff needs to be taken care of.

It's so easy to have a lot of stuff but nothing to use.

Because the stuff is lost somewhere.

Or the stuff is broken. And needs to be fixed.

Or the stuff is dirty. And needs to be cleaned.

But: even when my stuff is neatly stored so its available and in working order and clean . . . I sometimes realized that I'm not "permitting" myself to enjoy my stuff.

My good china -- the bone china, with its marvellous translucency? Nicely shelved in the illuminated china cabinet . . . with sparkling glasses and silver neatly stored too -- which somehow almost never makes it to the table.

That blush coloured cashmere sweater?

That beautiful framed photo of me with DH still in the basement because we haven't got round to re-hanging most of our art pieces after the renovation?

My jazz records which could be played on the turntable set up again in the TV room: but somehow I never get round to it?

Those old first edition Canadian novels which I remember from my childhood and which are shelved nicely but I'm not getting round to re-reading them?

Too busy too busy too busy too busy.

And sometimes also just thinking . . . I should "save" that. I might "need" it later. Or if I used it, it might get broken. It might get all pilly and worn out. It might get dirty and I'd need to have it cleaned . . .


What am I saving it for?

Such silliness.

All that stuff? That surrounds me in abundance? I can treat myself.

It's for me, to be kind to me. Right here and right now.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo GREYTDOLPHIN
    Have moved 5 times since 2010 and with each move got rid of more "stuff". The last move I got rid of almost everything, as learned it cost more to move it than buy new. I need to do another purge, but have slowed down drastically my acquisition of new stuff. Young people generally don't care for our treasures--not collectible to them. I sold a bunch of stuff on ebay.
    125 days ago
    I find that if I can fit in 17 minutes here and there a lot can get done in a day (too weird to use normal 15 minute increments always 17, 13, 33, 47)
    125 days ago
    I hear ya there. I have so much stuff. Lots of things that never get used, or worn. My DH passed away last April and I still haven't gone through all of his clothes. He has several leather jackets lots of T-shirts and size 11 and 12 boots and shoes that needs to go. We live in a small town and there aren't any homeless shelters to donate them to. We have thrift stores and a lot of it can go there. His son wants some of his things, but he rarely comes around. So when I do get to the chore of getting rid of stuff, if he hasn't shown up, they will be gone. Too bad, so sad! LOL

    Great blog. Thanks for sharing!

    125 days ago
    We have "stuff" in the basement in totes that we haven't used for several years. I'm not even sure what all is packed away but I say if we haven't used it in over 6 years, we don't need it. DH on the other hand things it's "stuff" he might need someday. He's 76 now so the day may never come but I'm not allowed to get rid of it. I can only get rid of my "stuff".
    125 days ago
  • DALID414
    I’ve been watching all these tiny apartment videos on YouTube, with all the creative furniture people have to make the most of the space they have. My tiny apartment seems like a huge waste of space in comparison.

    I started wearing my diamond earrings and necklace as my daily jewelry, after the car accident (in 2017) I realized there weren’t many special occasions worthy of putting them on. Every day is a gift/special occasion, if we don’t treat ourselves to our own stuff, who will?
    125 days ago
    Best to use it why keep it otherwise. I say it to myself then keep it for another day.
    125 days ago
    We all do that don't we?
    emoticon emoticon
    125 days ago
  • 2DAWN4
    Wonderful blog! It was also a very timely read for me. At work, we are going to be getting new flooring in January. Since I have been here for 23 years and see everything as a future craft project, I have a lot of stuff! I am in the process of a huge major purge! It feels good to get rid of stuff that I haven't used. But I also have found some stuff that I have lost and stuff that I am going to use! Thanks so much for your blog!
    125 days ago
    Way to go on the decluttering!
    125 days ago
    I hate stuff.. I get rid of it and it returns somehow
    125 days ago
  • 8HABIT
    So true!
    126 days ago
    I know what you mean. We moved a lot and with every move, we had the opportunity to get rid of stuff. But irrespective of how much stuff discarded we still have a lot of stuff. I have some books and records still in boxes from my last move and I need to get to them so that may enjoy them again. If not, I need to give it to someone else to enjoy.
    126 days ago
    Great wisdom! Thanks.
    126 days ago
    I did get first hand experience with stuff.. my sister passed away and her daughter threw most things away and sold what was valuable. It was such and eye-opener! I started to use the'good stuff'" and started to thin out the rest.. No need to leave my 'stuff' to someone else that doesn't want it.. I feel better about it. Great blog!
    126 days ago
  • no profile photo L_DROUIN
    What am I waiting for? I have done that so much BUT now I am old so I guess I had better get at it. I also Learned after my Mom died that what was important to her or even to me, will not be important to my DIL and son so I need to start getting rid of stuff now.
    126 days ago
    I am trying to clear out stuff from our home so we can be ready to sell and move to something more friendly to people of our age. But so many memories! I am finding it hard and have to do it in little bursts with breaks in between. Never give up is what I keep telling myself.
    127 days ago
    I am working on letting go of a lot of (closet things).
    127 days ago
    That was the best part of downsizing to go off travelling - DH and I each agreed if it was really sentimental, we could save it. If it was something that was a "sometimes used" item, we didn't need it.

    We got rid of about 90% of what we owned. Instead of having a 3 bedroom apartment, we now have a 5x5 ft (1.6 x 1.6 m) storage unit. SO much easier! And the only way we can travel!
    127 days ago
    Do you really want it? Anyway, you will use it when you are ready. It all sounds pretty lovely though! emoticon
    127 days ago
    Oh, yes just to much stuff emoticon
    127 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    And the price is right on those treats! Enjoy!
    127 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    127 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    127 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Reading this reminded me of one of my favorite comedy routines by George Carlin about STUFF.
    BTW I have way too much Stuff.
    127 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    I am trying to use more of my "good " stuff much more frequently because as I remind myself, what is the point of having it if I don't use it!
    Great reminder to all of us! I love thinking about the records playing on the turntable as that is so old school but coming back into popularity!
    Have an amazing weekend! Hugs
    127 days ago
    We need to redefine how we use our "stuff". Bring out the china; wear that sweater.

    128 days ago
    Use it or give it away. We need less baggage as we get older and if something has not been worn or used in the past season or year it is time to remove it. I refuse to leave that task to my kids. PS, they are not interested in many of things we consider treasures.
    128 days ago
  • no profile photo INCH_BY_INCH
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    128 days ago
    When I retired 6+ years ago … we gutted our home of everything not needed, working or wanted any more.

    But alas … the stuff got replaced with … more stuff.
    128 days ago
    I read a poem once about a woman who'd never used her expensive perfume/ underwear/jumper/china etc and died without unpacking any of it.
    So sad, ......................we should enjoy the special EVERYDAY............... or not buy it in the first place.
    128 days ago
    Enjoy them!
    128 days ago
    Use it or lose it...aka giving and / or donating it. It is going to be one of those weekends for me. A box of perfectly good (some unworn) shoes size 8 - must be 12 of them off they go.

    PS I use my Mum's good china whenever I have guests over now.
    128 days ago
    Yes, what is the purpose of having nice things if you are not using them. I read something about this once. Why aren't you using the good China? Waiting for that special occasion? We are not guaranteed tomorrow. So every day should be a special occasion. You only have one life to live. Part of the essence of being is to not be saving it for a 'rainy day' I have nothing really nice or anything of value -all my purchases were functional and meant for long wear and lasting use. But if I had something special, like a unique antique China cup, I wouldn't hesitate to use it. To enjoy its history and connection with the previous users. My Stepdad has a China set his parents brought over from England. Who knows where its been or who has used it from there, could even be royalty!
    Make the time to enjoy your precious things. Its worth it.
    128 days ago
    Himself and I have discussions about our 'stuff'. I am slowly eliminating some of it.
    128 days ago
  • MARTHA324
    Wow, you nailed it! What am I waiting for???? That beautiful white blouse I bought last spring and haven't worn because I'm afraid I'll stain it? My Mom's china that I don't use for fear I'll break it?

    We'll be selling our lake house sometime and I need to do a real clear out and decide what I'll use and what I can give away.

    128 days ago
    When my parents moved in with us before moving into Memory Care, we had their condo to empty. LORD so much stuff. We took what was useful, or that Mom and Dad wanted. The rest -- out the door.

    NOW having to do the same thing all over again to downsize our belongings. IF something has a particular memory attached, but I just have no use for it any longer, I will take a picture of it.

    Yup. . . use it or toss/donate it.
    128 days ago
  • GABY1948
    The ONE thing I got from my illness awhile back, I learned I don't need STUFF anymore. We have gotten rid of a lot of STUFF and whereas everytime we used to go out John would buy me something new....usually a ring or such and I not longer let him.

    It was the best thing in my life to "come back" and learn what really IS important!

    128 days ago
    True, true, true!
    We downsized 15 years ago and then moved 3 years ago and culled some more (unfortunately, we also inherited some beautiful things) so in pretty good shape, but over at my grandkids’s house...YOWZA!
    I have told them all I will not be giving any more toys or clothes, but rather books, magazines and experiences.
    128 days ago
    Something I've never much had a problem with. Got it? Use is. We're worth it.

    But now, I have things I love that I genuinely need use no longer... and those are really our choices: use it, cherish it, make more memories... or let it go, and hope someone else can get as much joy out of it as I have...

    emoticon and we're worth that freedom that comes from it!
    128 days ago
    I have similar issues here and am trying to downsize the stuff. I recently replaced bedroom lamps as I broke the glass shade of one I had for 45 years. Now antique? What to do with the old pair; one whole and one slightly so. They sit in shame on the floor in a room and I don't want to start saving things for "maybe"!!!!!!
    128 days ago
    Can't take that stuff with us, so I enjoy even the better stuff regularly. Have a wonderful day.
    128 days ago
    Hubby and I got rid of stuff and the very next week needed it :), it is a cycle of Life I think :)
    128 days ago
    I hear you! I have husband's grandmother's china in the hutch. We don't even use it for special things! What will they do with it when we're gone? Stick it in a hutch or a cupboard or even just boxes??I have used so many other things that came from my mom, my grandmother, etc. Cracks, bumps, sweaters being worn out...everything. Meant to be used!
    128 days ago
    Don't wait for some day enjoy it now you are right thanks for the reminder
    128 days ago
    OMG - you are so in my shoes today. I was just thinking of the old potato ricer - that I don't use any more but imagine some grandchild will pull out and say "what's this, Nana?" and I'll tell her and tell her about how it felt to see my mother, who hated to cook, use it twice a year - Thanksgiving and Christmas. The one that is clumsy and makes it hard for me to put things away in the cabinet because it's got those long handles. The one I really should either use (nope. not with my diabetic husband) or junk.

    Thanks for the gentle nudge.
    128 days ago
  • YMWONG22
    128 days ago
  • RHOOK20047
    Doesn't do any good sitting in that closet or cabinet. Use it while you can and gain the pleasure from it you originally had when you obtained it.
    128 days ago
    It sure is easy to accumulate stuff these days. We are a consumer economy, but it's more like an accumulation society.
    128 days ago
    Use it all! Use it up, wear it out—make memories with it!
    128 days ago
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