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I'm Allowed To Go To Water Aerobics!

Friday, November 22, 2019

This week I felt the need to get all four of my joints checked before resuming my exercise
program. This was due to four episodes of crushing pain around my right hip. All four occurred during a period of ten days. This was around two weeks ago. I ended up flat on my back in bed. If not for the medication my doctor had given me after my wrist surgery, I would have been in the emergency room. I was terrifying! After complete rest, the pain would subside to a functional level. Very weird.

Monday, I saw a joint specialist. I was so scared and anxious the night before that I barely slept. The specialist x-rayed all four joints and then went over my results with me. All of the joints themselves look great. However, the right hip (the one giving me pain) has an anomaly. When the hip replacements were done, I had great range of motion on the left with no pain. The right hip had fairly good range of motion but there was one area that was tender. The reason is that the soft tissue, that attached next to the prosthetic, has hardened and turned into bone. It can get very irritated over time and flare up. Working the joint with exercise should strengthen the hip overall and reduce pain. The soft tissue that turned to bone, cannot be removed.

Then, the specialist discussed the pain that radiates around to the back of my hip. He is fairly sure that the pain is actually coming from my lumbar spine. We discussed the possibility of a pinched nerve. He ordered an MRI for this coming Tuesday. My thinking immediately was, "No, No, No, No, No!!!!! Not again! I'm so done with that!" But.....whatever the problem is, it is there whether or not I want to face it. The specialist was very kind at this point. He told me to just wait until I have the test and see the neurosurgeon, then take it from there.

I asked if it was okay for me to workout and the doctor hesitated. Then.....I said, "In water. I'm talking about a water workout!". The doctor smiled and said, "Yes, water workouts should be okay." I said, "Yes, yes, yes!!!!!" This made the doctor laugh!

The hand surgeon and hand therapist have also released me to return to working out. I would have already been back to my Silver Sneakers class by now, if I hadn't taken precautions ensuring the safety of my joints. If indeed there is still an issue with my lumbar spine (I broke the L3 vertebrae in January of 2018), and I jumped into a workout in the gym (done on the wood floor), I could have complicated issues and really hurt myself. I consider myself very lucky, to have caught this, whatever it is, issue early on instead of when it's too late!
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