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Merry Christmas Eve to All!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

I shall nap today, and I'm glad to say I'll have the time to do it! Yay me, for not peeking where DH said he was hiding my gifts till he could wrap them - the bathroom in the exercise room in the basement. I was more tempted than I'd like to admit y'all! But that would ruin the surprise, and I'd feel a big let down that I wasn't surprised on Christmas (had happened before a long time ago - I LOVE surprises on holidays!). Nothing like surprises on Christmas morning!

I bought DH a tumbler drink container yesterday, and one of the kids must have kicked it out of the car, because it and the bag it was in made it into the car, I know I got my protein snack out of it, but then it vanished. I was so upset. But he got himself the exact same thing (same color and everything) so he at least has one. I'm still upset, it was a stocking stuffer, which will be much less stuffed now. I got him a nice looking chef's knife too. My DD13 kept saying, very loudly that knives were not stocking stuffers, and I could not get her to shut up, setting off my anxiety. I kept saying they are if you make them. DD13 was supposed to come with me to help with my anxiety, not make it worse. So now that is the only non-candy thing that will be in his stocking, I think. Maybe I can finish crocheting his beanie hat and throw that in. I don't know.

But, ham and turkey are in the fridge, ham is for us, turkey goes to MIL's house, as well as beans. The only thing I have to make today is Muddy Buddy's, and those are easy. Of course, Hope is up with me, I've got a cup of Just Black BRCC coffee (my favorite), it is a medium roast. Hope has a pig's ear for a treat this morning that she is ignoring for grooming so far, I think this message is clear: give me a bath, darnit! LOL, she does not like being dirty and it has been very muddy of late, I've been trying to wait till dryer weather, but the temps are supposed to be nice and I think she will wait no longer.

I mentioned to Evan that I wanted to go ahead and get Hope a vest, to get her used to it, and guess what!? We got her a vest! And some greenies (her breath is horrible) and some other treats and special treats just for little Pickles to have after she goes to bed. Hope is so used to getting up super early with me that by 8 PM she is flopped on the floor looking like she is begging to go to bed, lol. And she usually goes down to her kennel and passes out. I wish her kennel was in the same room as me, but DH would not like that. We started out with her sleeping with me, my PTSD nightmares were so bad, but that made her walk the bed constantly. Looking back, she was probably waking me up, but she was waking DH up too. And by flopping on me, she would put her feet on his back (and push, lol).

Just shared an apple with Hope, my favorite kind, only comes out this time of year around here, Pacific Rose, YUM!! Okay, well, half an apple, they are so big i can't eat a whole one (or half a one by myself) in one sitting.

So now I'm off to either get some more sleep or kinda chill until the rest of the house wakes up. Can't decide which to do.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas Eve!!!!

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