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A better ending

Monday, December 30, 2019

DH just went to work and I'm off until Thursday. I've been reading blogs and comments about plans for new beginnings. They are all encouraging and inspiring. While pondering some of these, I realized that I'm grateful for a better ending. Not sure I did much to get there, but I'm still pleased. My "holiday" eating usually starts at the first of November. I'd give myself a break, always planning to get right back at it January 2. Guess what? Unrestrained eating has a way of snowballing. I didn't get a grip one year until the following AUGUST!!!

I blogged recently about following intuitive eating for health and weight loss. That does work for me, unless I ignore the cues I'm receiving from my body and just eat and eat and eat. I mean, eat crap that I don't even really want because I'm on holiday and I can. I'm a real brainiac when it comes to unrestrained eating - not.

Eating like this over time seems to dull my intuitive eating senses. I can no longer tell when I'm actually hungry and healthy food no longer appeals to me, like it once did. This makes it difficult to get back on track.

So, why didn't I go whole hog this year (no pun intended - just a Texas / Arkie saying)? DH and his diet. He was at the point of considering bariatric surgery. He was finally able to get his mind set and has been working with a dietitian at our doctor's office. What a transformation! He's lost 50 pounds in short order. Packs his meals and snacks every morning before heading to work. Counts on me to prepare healthy suppers.

I mean, he's done so well how could I possibly sabotage his efforts? It wouldn't be right. So, I buy healthy meal ingredients and snacks. There's no junk in the house. When I'm with him, I don't eat anything that would be tempting for him. He's a major sweets guy, plus can kill off a half pound of American cheese and a sleeve a crackers in a blink of an eye. Hasn't done that since starting his diet. I'm not kidding about the sweets. DH quit drinking cold turkey 14 years ago this month after an adult lifetime of alcoholism. He quit smoking cold turkey several years later when going in for a kidney cancer surgery (we've both had kidney cancer). Since he's quit drinking, though, he can pound the sugar, or did until starting his diet. Previously, his idea of a snack was a 44-oz Dr. Pepper, with a candy bar, pastries and some type of sugary nut mix. Yikes. Makes my blood sugar spike just thinking about it.

At any rate, I could go on, but who wants to read someone's boring rambling? However, I write blogs basically for a personal journal. The end result is that I've "voiced" what I'm thinking or feeling, which really helps me. It's nice, of course, if someone reads your blog and likes it or makes a comment, but it won't keep from blogging if they don't respond. Ok, now back to the "I could go on, but..." The simple fact of DH's diet and my wanting to be supportive have kept me from the big holiday blunder. Oh, you'd better believe I took a stroll or two on the dark side when at work and when exposed to holiday treats. However, that's not months of 24/7 bingeing. Makes it easier to pull it back when I haven't eaten myself into a stupor.

So, thank you dear. You'll never know this, but still "thank you" for my better ending to 2019. Makes for an easier start to 2020.

Donna G
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