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Happy New Year And Decade!!

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

emoticon Happy, Happy!

Started Blogilates (check out the Spark Team Blogilates Fitness, it's awesome!!) 2020, 20 Day Challenge!! Today was butt and abs, the two areas I really want to concentrate on! So starting the New Year out right! I worked out for 44 minutes on the treadmill, made it 1.75 miles, and 9 more minutes than my goal minutes for today walking! Also did pilates for 10, and stretching, total of 69 minutes so far, and probably going to do some yoga/stretching in a few to stretch out some kinks I feel in the muscles I worked so hard this morning.

I got a fitness journal for Christmas that I'm keeping my planning in, my water so that I can transfer it to SP at the end of the day, or the next day, and my food in. I may or may not transfer my food, some things, like homemade romesco sauce made with pecans is really hard to do because there is no fixed amount of anything that is put in it, it's a from scratch recipe that my husband makes mostly by ratios and taste. But, I am using my portion control bowls and plates to make sure I don't eat too much. I was eating too much popcorn, so I gave that to my kids. I love flavored popcorn way too much.

Not much to say other than that and that I'm super tired from keeping my dogs calm through all the fireworks. I journaled and sat on the bed with them in 50% light and listened to soothing classical music at low volumes till my pup got so tired she didn't care any more. She jumped off the bed and onto the floor, curled into a ball and fell asleep. So I took her to her downstairs so she could go through her bed time routine and finally get in her kennel and she passed out asleep. Poor Pickles though, continued to shake and alert to every sound. They finally stopped for a while, about an hour, and he relaxed enough for me to actually get some journaling done and then come count down with the kids and watch the ball drop. Then we all went to bed. And tried to sleep. The church behind us was up making more weird music that sounded more like techno dance music than anything and this awful metallic banging for about 30 more minutes and fireworks continued for about 30 more minutes from our neighbors on the other side as well.

Then my cough came back, and I once more forgot about my cough meds. Cough drops don't work, the only thing that does is the cough meds. And of course after drinking a bunch of water to get rid of the cough I had to go to the bathroom but I was so comfy and it was so cold outside of the covers.... I spent forever on that delima it felt like. When you just don't want to get out of bed, lol. Morning came to soon and I tried so hard to fall back asleep, I was still in bed when DH woke up. Which was why I had such a slow, lazy morning, but still got a lot done today, I finally woke up and got to it!!

Hope you have had and continue to have a great first day of the year!!

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