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12 miles in so far - Jan 3, 2020

Friday, January 03, 2020

Here we go! 2020... I went through hell for the fist 6 months of 2019 when I woke up on Jan 2nd with a herniated disc in my lower back. I tried Chiropractic for the first 4 months until I was just no longer helping. Finally saw a spine specialist. I was scheduled for spinal injections 10 days later to get me out of pain for the MRI. The injections were unsuccessful and the MRI showed a pea sized hernia on my L5S1 disc. The sciatic nerve went numb a week later. I had surgery on May 20th. I was back to modified work May 27th and Swing Dancing that Saturday with Drs approval. I was released from the Dr on June 14th.

July 2019 I received a bill from the Dr for $38,000. I called the Insurance company and asked why. They said they didn't know about my visits. I had a PPO and can see anyone I want to with a $3000 deductible and then they pay 80%. They must have forgotten.

I went into depression. I just shut down. I could talk about it but just couldn't do anything.

September I joined Sparkpeople and got a new Fitbit.

End of October I joined a new gym and started the X-Fit classes, Zumba Strong! and Zumba.

Beginning of November I sent a registered letter to the Dr requesting a copy of my full medical record and the dates and times they spoke with my Insurance. I received NO ANSWER! Just a Final Notice bill.

Second week of December I contacted a lawyer and paid the retainer to get this resolved. I have had enough! I am a dragon! No one is going to take advantage of me. I know I owe something, NOT $38,000!

SO now It's 2020... I have started 2 Virtual Challenges for the Appalachian Trail, Route 66, Walk Across America and 2020 miles for 2020. THIS IS MY YEAR! My sciatic is still numb and my legs are still weak. This may be permeant and it's something I have to live with BUT It Wont Stop ME!

I have done 12 miles so far. My legs are sore, my lower abs are sore, my legs are tight, proof I have been working out. Tonight I am going to do 5 miles Swing Dancing and have some fun. I'll need some motivation during my year so my negative Nancie's in my mind don't get the best of me. Stop by and see me every now and again, say Hi! Follow me and my run for 2, 020 miles this year.
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