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Have I become "old fashioned?"

Sunday, January 05, 2020

Went out for NYE, lots of boobs and cheeks peering out of outfits, to be clear, the opposite END of face cheeks! They were not wardrobe malfunctions! This was real dressing, for going out on the town, celebrating.
There were ten different dance areas, and dancers were taking videos and selfies while dancing in every area. This is weird to accept, as I could see I was being taped, so I moved.
I then had this strange thought while I was dancing to The Artist Formerly Known as PRINCE. Was I behind the times? I need to get with it, Or as PRINCE would say, sign o' the times. (9th studio album). And there it is again! Album? It's a cd now.
So, As we moved to dance in the alternative music room, I wanted to find (and know) what the number one song was in the nation and dance like crazy to it as if I was on the up and up. And maybe photo bomb someone's selfie while doing so!

Even my beer changed its name! It's "ultra" instead of "light".

What happened instead was, I decided to be me, and, with clothes on and everything, headed back to the room playing PRINCE and said ok to everyone taking crazy selfies while dancing.
I had the best time with my date, and although it covered me up, I enjoyed my cool, edgy black velvet biker jacket. A treat to me for working out. Check it out!
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