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Goals for 2020, finally 😉

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Sunday, January 05, 2020

Ok so y’all know my life is crazy busy and I haven’t made specific plans just yet, I’m still working on it, but I needed to at least get down my preliminary goals for the year, so here goes... MY KIDS... 1. I will hug them and tell them I love them everyday! 2. I will LISTEN to my kids. Sometimes I’m busy and they want to talk and I don’t give them my full attention, so from now on anything I can put off will be put off and they will get my full attention when they want to share. 3. I need more one on one time - so I’m thinking, and I’m not sure how this will work out, but for now my plan is to take a different kid with me every week to grab a quick lunch or dinner and go grocery shopping. 4. Family Game Night, we use to do this at least twice a week but we’ve stopped so I’m going to aim for once a month and see how that goes. The truth is changes are coming and I need my kids to know they are loved, and they will be my first priority this year!! HOME With 3 kids with lots of interest and being on our 13th year of homeschooling we have lots of stuff!! SO. MUCH. STUFF!!! This house stresses me out because there is stuff everywhere. So the goal is.... 1. Purge - I don’t have a specific plan of action right now. I just needed to get started, we have 14 bookshelves in our house, so that’s where I started - books. I’ve already got 8 boxes to donate to other homeschool families. I’ll pick another area when I’m done with books. 2. Decorate - when my daughter and I decorated for fall we had such a good time and the decorations brightened everyone’s mood. Well I can’t afford, nor do I have time to decorate for every holiday but I will go back to a regular cleaning/tidying schedule, because a clean house just calms me, but maybe I’ll do something simple like a fun centerpiece for every month, or season, or holiday. Maybe I’ll just buy myself flowers, who knows, but something to add some cheer and color on a regular basis! FINANCIAL 1. Get a job! Budget better! Mommas got goals y’all!! HEALTH / FITNESS / WEIGHT LOSS 1. To take care of me and listen to my body’s pain limits. 2. To work out hard and do better on my end of year physical fitness test/evaluation. 3. I don’t want to lose weight this year. I know, I know, but hear me out. I spent most of 2019 fighting with the stupid scale and the same 10 pounds, up and down! But the thing is I’m really happy with my body, so why do I let the scale effect me so much? I don’t know. So I’m going to make healthy food choices, I’m going to work on not letting my emotions make me overeat. I’m going to enjoy life, to occasionally eat the cake, or the enchiladas, without beating myself up. Right now my current weight is 195, my goal for the year is to stay under 200. Yes I will weigh in, it is a tool, but it will not be my focus! MYSELF This year I give myself permission to be me. To be silly. To be goofy. To laugh. To cry. To love. To care. To be kind. To have fun. To smile, a lot. To be happy. To be sad. To say no. To say yes. To make big changes. To learn. To grow. To get angry. To occasionally lay my sword down and admit that even though I am strong sometimes I need help to slay my dragons. To take a chance. To try new things. To be scared. To be bold. To be a mess. This year I give myself permission to love me AS-IS! That’s all I got my friends. Let’s make 2020 a wonderful year! {{{{{hugs}}}} Teresa
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