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Monday, January 06, 2020

Hardly anybody seems to wear hats any more. Even in winter. Even though (I keep reading) we lose 25% of our body heat through our heads!!

I love hats and have always worn them . . . even as a young woman. Especially in winter, of course. But in fact I have summer hats too. For the beach, golfing, kayaking, birdwatching in the rain . . . all kinds of hats. It's not so easy to find them because I have a pretty big head!! "One size fits all" is simply not the case!!

A few of my winter hats . . . all the same vaguely fedora style, not too stiff and with a small brim. I probably wear the black one the most, but it's the pink one (slightly fuzzy) that gets the most compliments. And no, I won't admit how many MORE winter hats I actually have since it's kind of embarrassing and my face might turn the same pink colour as the fuzzy one!! (Navy, olive green, grey, a dark blue overlaid with bright pink and spring green plaid and a little bow . . . I really DO enjoy my hats, they don't just warm my head, they lift my spirits!) .

Love this burnt orange one . . . just the perfect shape.

OK: now this is going to get silly. Very silly.

For a long time DH and I have owned golden retriever hats. They were available one Hallowe'en at our grocery store . . . really meant for costumes of course. But: so warm in winter!! And: after Charlie passed away I'd put them away . . . just too painful a memory. But: no question that Charlie thought they were very funny, he "got" it instantly. And after our experience with Henry and the pine bough tail yesterday, I went looking for them!!

Yes yes yes: Henry was ecstatic!!

Do we wear these outside? Well, I did mention that they are very warm. And I'm afraid we do!

I can remember my daughter as a very small child objecting to my presence at the ice rink when I slid out to direct her to the right small group figure skating lesson . . . "Mum, you have completely hu-MILL-iated me!!!" One of my very favourite memories, actually!!

Yesterday, everybody's ears were toasty for a nice long walk . . .and I don't think that we embarrassed Henry too much. Doggies seem to have a higher level of tolerance . . .

"Finally, finally, she's wearing something sensible," I'm pretty sure that's what Henry is thinking. "And we did get some of that Sugru mouldable glue for Christmas . . . now I wonder if that would work for the tail attachment???"
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