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Great News and Happy Monday!!

Monday, January 06, 2020

So, yesterday, I'm about to text my FIL to ask if he's still going to drive me and the girls to our therapy appointments tomorrow and all that, when he texts DH. FIL just bought MIL a new car. Would I like to borrow her old car till we buy my new car in April/May? YES!! My current car will take too much to fix into workable conditions, and there is no way we can get back out of it what we will have to put into it. It's not a great car, but it's not going to die on me, it just sounds like it is going to (literally, when you start it, it sounds like it is going to die). But for now it is mine and I can drive!! I drove it to the gas station yesterday and to the store, just so today going to the therapist would not be my first time driving it. I don't want my first time driving it to be on the interstate!! It's peppy for a car that sounds like it is dying, lol. I like it. Gotta think of a name for it.

I'm a little overwhelmed now, because all of the things I've had to keep putting off till my husband or someone could drive me, I can now do. I've got to wait till we have a little more money, but that is it. I'm so happy! And DH had wanted me to look into yoga or Tai Chi classes, so I'm going to! I have the option of taking physical therapy for my neck, but I think yoga and the occasional massage would be better. My doctor actually said that the massages, maybe once a month would probably be better for me, so we'll go with that. I just have to find the person's info again.

I'm doing some aromatherapy now. I don't like the normal aromatherapy that most people like. Lavender reminds me of the flowers back home that grew wild and made me sneeze. Or maybe I just got cheap lavender? The starter kit I got I did not like anything except the citris, but my DD11 likes it a bunch so I gave it with most of the rest to her, I only kept the peppermint. Peppermint is great at keeping me alert and focused, so I kept if for days that I'm not feeling focused. I first bought some sandalwood. Ah, brings back memories of burning incense while taking a hot bath and having the cordless phone and talking to my bestie till I pruned, LOL. And now I've got amber. We used to go to a festival and get crushed, not hardened amber that you could rub into your skin and oh! It smelled so amazing! I love it and this smells so close to that! I put it on the bends of my elbows and in my aromatherapy necklace (found out the hard way yesterday not to put it anywhere too soft or it starts to itch). I don't have a clue what else is out there or I might like. I've heard that vetiver is good, and might try that. I've got to remember who I was talking to about essential oils and see if she can hook me up with who she gets hers from. I need expert advice since I'm so picky, LOL.

I got my sun lamp on Saturday, and Sunday it really helped wake me up. I took it downstairs and had it at the table for breakfast and noticed that the kids were more perky after a little while too. I think the winter blues were getting us all down and this will help all of us to get into a better rhythm. It was recommended by my neurologist to help reset my circadian rhythm. I thought I got good sleep last night, at least 6 hours, but according to my fitbit, I only got a little over 3 hours. I know I tossed a turned a bit, but did I really toss and turn that much? I was so tired when I went to bed, and completely relaxed. I'm hoping that my before bed routine and now morning routine will help increase the amount of sleep I'm getting because my driving depends on it. I can't drive if I'm feeling sleepy or have a migraine because there is the very real chance I could have an episode (brain shut off, aka, fall asleep almost like narcolepsy). It's kinda scary. But it is all in the good Lord's hands.

Starting week 2 of my declutter missions! I only have 2 things I didn't do for my part of the declutter missions, one was mop the area that I was working on and that is partly because it was raining and, well, dog prints. The other is because I could not buy a refill of the cleaning solution that we use which was the second part that I could not complete because money is tight at the moment because we are still waiting to see about the mortgage refinance. So, that is on hold for the moment, and I'll move on to the next declutter mission for this week. The kids did great finishing their declutter mission, even if I had to push them quite a bit. Going through every stitch of clothing you have is not fun and then cleaning and folding or hanging it up is no fun either. But we got it done. Hooray!

I missed a few days of working out due to migraines and such, but I'm still working hard towards it as I can. I've learned that if I don't do it first thing in the morning, it won't get done, so I'm making it that priority.

Something to make you laugh. First day back to school for the kids, right? I wake them up, have them ready on time, take my new sun lamp down to the table and perk them up with some sun rays. Get them breakfast and snacks and things ready for our appointments later in the day so I can pack the car. Hug them goodbye and send them off, they walk to the bus stop with a friend.... I hop in the shower... and hear a slight knock on the door, wth? My oldest's voice then comes through and says, today is not the first day back to school, Lindsey's Mom came out and told us, so we're going to go downstairs and watch something till you're out of the shower, okay? Oh. Don't I feel silly!! Well, at least we had a good practice run at our first day of school!! It went great! I hope tomorrow goes as well, LOL

Hope you have a great Monday!!


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