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When "Down" is UP--and "Up" is DOWN

Wednesday, January 08, 2020

I was ecstatic earlier this week when I not only sneaked into Onderland,...I went in with guns blazing and weighed in at 197. Then I crept up to 200 and then next day back to 198 and today am back once more at 200. I have eaten 1200 (+ or - 20 calories) for the past week or more.
So what does this mean? It COULD be water weight. I have been having terrible pain (I have several types of arthritis) and i know that there is inflammation galore in my body.

I don't know what causes it....but it works that way for other people also. They report a record breaking loss followed by 2-5 lb gained overnight. It's like we have to drag our body, kicking and screaming to get it to give up some weight. And for me that is a painful process. Maybe I should just only weigh myself once a week. But I don't think I could deal with that uncertainty. and the fear that i was gaining five pounds a day all because I wasn't "there" to stop it.

INDYGIRL has a policy that I like...she said "weigh yourself every day....just to keep tabs. But ignore the minor ups and downs. Pay slightly more attention to the weekly weight and direct most of your attention to the monthly weights." To me that sounds like reasonable advice--the only hard part is the "Pay no never-mind" to the petty gains.

I've discussed my unhealthy relationship with my scale in the past here so won't belabor it any more. It's one thing to tell someone "don' do that" but how do you equip someone to stop or change what they are doing? By repetition? I know that repetition is one of the most common way we learn things. But will that really help in this case?

Maybe when we see the scale up to it's usual tricks and we see over and over again that our weight DOES make changes in time that really are congruent with our eating and exercise habits, then we will begin to trust that advice. The key words here are to "See in time"....isn't that how we learn whether or not a person is to be trusted? You can tell someone again and again to trust someone (like a doctor who is trained to heal you but must sometimes hurt you) but until you actually experience their trustworthiness, you will continue to mistrust and yes, fear them..

So I guess the most important things we can do is to SEE, to keep our eyes open and observe in time how the scale functions and how our bodies fluctuate daily. And even give yourself a pep talk. "I know you were really disappointed by this morning's scale reading...but you know you have done nothing wrong to cause weight gain, so you can relax and know that in time, the scale will once again give you a legitimate reading. Until then, do what you need to do to advance your weight loss and then one day soon, you can rejoice again when a new even lower number appears."

Keep your eyes open for rebound eating. The kind that says, "The scale doesn't give credit where credit is due, therefore i will eat what i want and ignore it when when the scale tells me "GET OFF!!" No. Stick to what you know is true. Trust the facts and not your emotions. Do not allow your fear, disappointment and discouragement dictate what you put in your mouth. Stay the course! and soon you can put your whole body into one pants' leg and take a picture to amaze us all.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I wrote this blog when I was reading a chapter on the scale in Judith Beck’s Book. Thought I’d share it with you. Hope you find peace with the scale. Congratulations on Onederland. Can’t wait to join you there.

    Beck Scale Sabotaging Thoughts and Thinking mistakes
    What do I really want from a scale weigh in?
    Truth or Lies and exaggerations?

    What kind of thinking errors could I be making about weighing in? What evidence that this thinking is not true/might not be entirely true?

    All of nothing thinking. If I don't lose 2 pounds, I quit.
    Negative fortune telling. I'll never reach goal.
    Overly positive fortune telling. I eyeballed my food but I'm okay.
    Emotional reasoning. I needed that bite of dessert.
    Mind reading. My Friends will KNOW I cheated.
    Self-deluded thinking. I can gladly cut back tomorrow for a Hamburger today.
    Unhelpful rules. I should lose weight EVERY week.
    Justification. I didn't eat the whole serving.
    Exaggerated thinking. I'm doomed. (Never true)

    Is there an alternative explanation as to why I'm so resistant to the scale data?
    Yup, I don't want data, I want affirmation, emotional support and encouragement. I want the scale to confirm that my opinion of how I have been eating and tracking is the truth. I want a pat on the back and a strong, positive statement that I have been doing an excellent job. The scale is supposed to confirm my beliefs even if I'm lying to myself. It wasn't that bad. The scale should corroborate that my jeans are looser because I've lost weight not that they are made of a stretch material. I want to feel strengthened by this week's new evidence. I've used the scale to verify and concur with my thoughts. When the scale tells me what I want to hear, I feel encouraged and self-confident. Before I weigh in, I am aware that I really want to change, but I don't always fully believe I can.

    What is the most realistic outcome of this situation?
    I can expect that I'll be unhappy, discouraged and disappointed after a large percentage of my weigh ins unless I change my mindset.

    What is the effect of my believing the the scale owes me a loss every week? I won't have honest feedback for my efforts. I won't understand normal fluctuations and the impact of normal body rhythms.

    What would I tell a close friend about weigh ins? It's data. It can't change what you ate. Data is useful to steer your course and data trends tell you when you need a course correction.

    What should I do now?
    Weigh in and track the number. Find other ways to get your affirmations, emotional support and encouragement. Use your SP support group to get your pat on the back. Every day on this journey you do an excellent job. Some weeks ARE simply easier than others. The scale helps me stay honest with myself and helps me know when I have deluded myself. My strength comes from my commitment and my motivation. Before I weigh in, I need to prepare myself for the good news, the neutral news and the possibility of sad, bad news.

    The more honest I am with myself, my tracking and my journey, the less scale data effects me. I'm doing the work for me not the scale.

    I still use this mindset before every weekly weigh in.
    Blessings, Sue

    254 days ago
    Your weight will fluctuate, so that is completely normal. Congrats on all your success!!!
    254 days ago
    I think genes have a lot to do with how a person gains or loses weight. I had rather large grandparents so I can get where my weight gains and losses come from. I am lean right now but I'm destined to being large if I don't take care of myself💪
    254 days ago
  • YMWONG22
    emoticon emoticon
    254 days ago
    Keep going
    254 days ago
  • LOF7203
    I find that in the winter time I usually gain weight. Even though I am doing everything the same. Maybe, our genetic history plays a role.
    254 days ago
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