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Goals & Gratitude 1/9/20

Thursday, January 09, 2020

I am finally feeling mostly better from my cold. I had been getting better, but Tuesday and Wednesday I felt exhausted and just napped and slept for two days. Perhaps that is why I didn't sleep well last night... The cough is lingering, but the congestion is now completely gone. The ear infections and pink eye are also gone and I am all done with my various antibiotics. I hope I don't get sick again this winter!

I am working on getting the house cleaned up for the house blessing on Saturday. I have been working on it for the past week. Today I went through the kitchen again and cleaned, and then I worked on my office and got it all cleaned. I also want to straighten the tables tonight. Then tomorrow I will just have my bedroom and bathroom to finish up and I will be done. Then I just have to keep it clean until Saturday morning! It's nice to have such a clean house but boy is it a lot of work!

I started Business Law 2 on Monday. I am working on reading the first four chapters that are due by the weekend after this one. Then I have four sets of various assignments to do. The assignments didn't open until last night at midnight, so I haven't had time to start them. I will start them tomorrow as I will finish the readings today. I am hoping to stay ahead on this class this semester. It's a busy class, as I remember from Business Law 1, and it's important not to get behind.

Cookie is improving. She is on an anti-vomiting medication and steroids to encourage her GI tract to move the hairballs along. No barfing all week. She is happy to get wet food with her pills hidden in it every night, and she readily eats them. We tried the renal support food on the cats, but none of the three of them would eat it. I think it is because it has pork as the main meat in it, and I have yet to have a cat that will eat pork. So we are back on the GI support food, and that will have to do.

It's been very warm and dry here, in the 70s. The temperature finally dropped yesterday down to the low 60s and it's raining here today on and off. I am glad of this as I was getting worried that we might have some winter fires as it's been so dry. But so far no major fires here, at least not like Australia.

Today I'm Grateful For...
1) The rain. That's the main thing.
2) That I am getting done with cleaning the house for Saturday.
3) That I am finally feeling better.
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