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Goals & Gratitude 1/13/20

Monday, January 13, 2020

Today and yesterday were very busy days. Yesterday, I went after church to a friend's house. She sells Mary Kay makeup and she helped me with my eyes, which I want to start making up for church and job hunting/work in the future. It was a lot of fun! I got some pretty makeup in browns and neutral colors that looks really nice on me. I tried some other colors but they didn't look as good as the neutrals. I also got a few other makeup necessities. I need to go through my old makeup now and throw stuff away. I meant to do that today but had no time, so I will do it tomorrow. I also need to pick a spot in my bathroom to put the little makeup I do have.

I spent today running errands, mostly. I went to Office Max, PetCo, Target, Trader Joe's, and the grocery store. It took me all day. Then once I put everything away, I went for a walk. I got home not too long ago and it is almost 7:30. I haven't had dinner, and I need to do the dishes. I had hoped to do some homework today but that's not going to happen. Guess that means I'll just have to study more tomorrow.

This week is looking to be a quiet one. I have an appointment at the vet for Tang on Wednesday, but no other appointments this week. I am a little concerned about him. He seems to be wheezing regularly. Can cats get asthma? I am not sure... He's been wheezing bad the past couple of weeks and I finally decided today to stop ignoring it and take him in. I prefer not to take the cats to the vet as it is so traumatic for them, but I think we need to deal with this. Hopefully they will have some answers. He is otherwise very healthy. He hasn't been to the vet in 3-4 years.

My weight is up again the last two weeks, so I am making some changes. I was eating mostly vegan and that seems to be the way that I best loose weight. I started eating meat again at Christmas time, but I know I need to back wayyy off, so I am going back to eating mostly vegan with meat/dairy/eggs 3-5 times per week. I planned all my meals for the week on Plan to Eat and I planned some new recipes I got off of the Eating Well website. They sound very yummy, and I will tell you about them as I cook them later this week. When I eat vegan, it's easier for me to stay in my calorie range. I don't have much meat or dairy left in the fridge right now, and I'm going to keep it that way.

Alright. I am off to clean up and eat dinner and relax. Have a good evening.

Today I'm Grateful For...
1) My new cookbook that I got for Christmas, the Milk Street TV cookbook. I am planning some gluten free and lactose free meals to have with my boyfriend Peter this weekend when he's visiting me.
2) That I was able to get a vet appointment so quickly today.
3) That I got all my errands done today.
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