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Happy Saturday

Saturday, January 18, 2020

I listened to a podcast on how it is okay to sometimes be 'obsessed' with something. For example, you don't call star athletes obsessed with their physical training and getting in shape for the winter Olympics routine, you call it dedication, but if you really look at it, it could be called an obsession. But if Sally so-and-so wants to drop 20 pounds and starts really getting into it, it's suddenly and obsession. I think our country has this a little backwards and has the multiple meanings of obsession, dedication, and commitment completely mixed up.

Anyway, I'm still sick. Something finally broke loose in my sinus and I'm not coughing as much, or at least I hope I'm not. I ran out of the cough suppressant I was prescribed, so we shall see how tonight goes. Which is why I'm typing another blog. I can't do much, everything wears me out, I'm going to probably nap soon, if the cough is gone that is. If not I'll be looking for something to help with suppressing a cough.

I still have some non active things to work on around the house that I can start today. For starters I'm going to try to start my DD11's next skirt. I've been skittish about starting it, but I said I would start it after I did one more project, and I did. I did a bag-bag for the pantry (a cloth bag that you put grocery bags in). I love it, it is red, to match the colors I'm trying to get in the kitchen, my favorite color. Gonna paint my nails. Love having my nails painted for in the pictures I take of when I'm working with the sewing stuff for my sewing blog on wordpress (Flea and Hope if you are interested in looking us up, I don't post but once a week or less over holidays). The cloth I'm going to use for the next skirt is a thicker material, perfect for cold weather, so I better hurry up with it!

I can't wait till I am feeling good enough to work out again, but I can still feel my throat swollen and aching, so I know that won't be anytime soon. I'm kinda bummed because I had a goal weight in mind for my birthday in April and if it weren't for this illness I'd have been able to reach it. Bummer!! But, I will still get close-ish, I hope.

Hope your Saturday is filled with joy! I'm about to have a small bit of tartan bread and some cream beef stew (did not know yesterday that it was going to be a cream stew, coats the throat wonderfully) for dinner and I can't wait! Gotta get the kids to clean up their mess so we can all sit at the table. You know they had this virus too. Lasted all of two days on them. Me and DH get and and I've had it for now about a week. Getting old sucks. LOL. I need some vitamin C, is what I need, and i think I have every vitamin but that!!

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