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Goals & Gratitude 1/22/20

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

I'm sorry I haven't posted in almost a week, but things have been quite busy! Peter and I had a nice time together this weekend. He got here on Saturday evening and I cooked dinner for us. He is lactose and gluten intolerant and while he will eat both if he has to, he tries not to. I made spicy goat cheese and feta dip, chicken with tomato sauce and zucchini, and a flourless chocolate almond cake, all within diet restrictions. Everything tasted amazing, and I sent the rest of the cake home with him on Monday for his parents so that I couldn't eat it all. On Sunday we had church and then the parish meeting afterwards, so we didn't get done until about 2:30. He brought his tennis shoes and we went for a walk at the park I always walk at. It was very nice. Then I cooked chicken with veggies for dinner. On Monday morning he came over for breakfast, and then he left for home in the afternoon. We had a grand time. I found us doing a Millenial thing, though, and we are both Gen Xers. I found both of us looking at various websites on our phones, finding funny stuff, and showing it to each other. Maybe we are old Millenials!

I've spent the last three days getting caught up on school. My teacher extended the deadline for the work that was due last Sunday evening to today (Wednesday) because of the MLK holiday. That was a nice surprise! I didn't worry about homework at all over the weekend, but I had to get caught up at some point. I finished everything that was due today at 7 this morning, and then went on and did a bunch of the work that is due this coming Sunday. But 9:45 AM I was done with enough to be happy. I have one more chapter's worth of work to do by Sunday plus two exams. I am hoping to be done by Friday actually so I have the weekend off.

Tonight is Family Night and dinner at church so here's to no cooking! Tomorrow I'm going to the movies with my friend Leslie to see "Little Women." We tried to go over Christmas break but I got sick. On Friday I'm having coffee with my friend Nooar. On Saturday I'm out to lunch with my three friends from teaching college (nearly 20 years ago now). On Sunday is the Friend's Gathering at our local monastery. It looks like a very busy week!

On Facebook this morning a friend posted a video/article of a family karaoke singing "One Day More" from Les Miserables. I got out my CDs after seeing that and have been listening to them and loving every minute of it. Makes me want to go to London to see it again!

Today I'm Grateful For...
1) That I'm caught up for school.
2) That I have piles of leftovers from cooking for Peter so I won't have to cook for a good week.
3) That Tang seems to be doing well on the steroids and hasn't had any more wheezing. Hopefully we have an answer!
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