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Weigh-In #68

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Not seeing the kind of progress I'd like to see right now. It's hard not to be frustrated but I know it's not about the number on the scale.

Starting Weight: 296.6
Last Weigh In: 275.8
Current Weight: 279.6
Weight Lost This Week: +3.8 lbs
Total Weight Lost: -17.2 lbs
I don't know why I've had such a large gain. I've been eating well and exercising. I can only think that it is because of muscle building because there's no other explanation. I can only wait for the bloating to go down.

Starting Body Water: 36.9%
Last Body Water %: 36.1%
Current Body Water %: 35.8%
Body Water Gained: -0.3%
Total Body Water Gained: -0.6%
been taking my water pills although not drinking as much water as I should. Still, this is a large drop in body water.

Starting Body Fat: 48.3%
Last Body Fat %: 49.4%
Current Body Fat %: 49.8%
Body Fat Lost: +0.4%
Total Body Fat Lost: +1.5%
large jump in body fat. I've been eating well and exercising so I don't know why such a large jump in body fat.

Starting Muscle Mass: 144.6lb
Last Muscle Mass: 131.6 lbs
Current Muscle Mass: 132.4 lbs
Muscle Mass Gained: +0.8 lbs
Total Muscle Mass Gained: -12.2 lbs
gaining a lot of muscle as I've still been exercising regularly and with effort. I can only think that the weight gain is due to the exercise and keep moving forward.

Bone Mass
Starting Bone Mass:8.6 lb
Last Bone Mass:7.8 lb
Current Bone Mass 7.8 lb
Bone Mass Gained +/- 0 lb
Total Bone Mass Gained -0.8 lb
no change in bone mass.

Visceral Fat
Starting VF 13
Last VF 14
Current VF 15
VF Lost + 1
Total VF Lost +2
visceral fat is up. It's hard not to be frustrated right now with my stats because I'm doing everything right right now but I'm getting really bad numbers.

Starting BMR 2301Kcal
Last BMR 1870Kcal
Current BMR 1887Kcal
BMR Raised 17
Total BMR Raised -414
My metabolism is looking okay right now. Raised it a good amount and all I can do is work to get it back to where it was and beyond that.

Things are looking good right now. I'd like to be exercising more, so that's something I'm going to work towards. But things are going in a positive direction and as I wrap up January I am happy with how this month turned out.
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