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Daily Soul Quotes for 1/24/2020

Friday, January 24, 2020

When the waves crash hard and you’re struggling to reach the shore, dive below the chaos swim beneath the tides. Sometimes you can’t fight the current, but you can carry yourself along until you’re able to find another way forward. Just keep swimming.

You haven’t failed when you fail to meet someone’s expectations. If anything, that person failed you because they weren’t able to adjust their rigid expectations and accept you for who you are. Never let yourself feel like a failure based on someone else’s harsh evaluation. You’re worth more than that.

Clear away the overgrowth, prune away the old branches, and make space for the new growth ahead. Pave a path through the wilds, and claim a spot for yourself. You can only move through unfamiliar territory once before it’s no longer someplace new. Expand your map, and grow with it. Take a chance on a new horizon. The view alone is worth it.
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