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Friday, January 24, 2020

Previous failed “diet” attempts created frustration, negativity, resentment and anger in me. Those feelings were why I it was so hard. I needed to resolve those feelings that fueled my inner critic so I could move forward.

Knowledge replaced frustration. Knowledge about slips, binges, emotional eating. Go back to your first failed diet attempt and recognize what you didn’t know. Please read and reread Indygirl’s older blogs on each of these subjects then journal on these topics until your words reach your heart. The knowledge you need is there. It will set you free.

Optimism replaced negativity. Frustration, struggle and failure created negativity. Use the new knowledge to release all your previous failures so you can optimistically move forward.

Compassion replaced resentment. I recognized how hard I had been on myself. I unfairly flogged myself wanting more strength and willpower. What I needed was compassion.

Forgiveness replaced anger and depression. Forgiveness released the anger I held against myself for being too weak to succeed. It wasn’t weakness it was a lack of knowledge.

Empathy towards for my previously unsuccessful self enabled me to reframe my mindset so I could move forward.

Knowledge, Optimism, Compassion, Forgiveness and Empathy are the tools you need to journey without frustration, negativity, resentment, anger and depression. If you read Indygirl’s blogs and journal your thoughts on her words, you can move forward without all the baggage previous diets created.

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