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NSV vs. The Scale

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

If I could have thrown the oversized scale at the cardiologists office out the window, I would have!! Now granted, it was mid-day, I'd had a good breakfast, several coffees and lots of water, but still, 197? That HURT!! And, to top it off, I know why it read that. I've been craving sweets like you would not believe. And all because of Greek yogurt.

Yes, that is right, I can't stand normal Greek yogurt, so I get the vanilla, which has way too many carbs, but I have been having a really hard time swallowing my pills at night and I don't know why, if I take them with a small spoonful of yogurt, I convince my brain it's just yogurt and down it goes. And as someone trying to do Keto... sweets just don't mix. There is this one sweetener that actually has a brown sugar and I found a recipe for carrot cake fat bombs (delish).... until you get to the aftertaste of that particular sweetener. I was having it in my coffee. It was almost enough to make me give up coffee. And if you know me, you know how major that is!! I even tried my coffee without sweetener! I fortunately had bought some Allulose sweetener on Amazon and it could not have gotten here a day too soon! It's nowhere near as sweet as sugar, but that is a good thing! If I have really sweet things, I'll crave more. I've decided to just leave the sweets behind me and maybe have them on super rare occasions like my anniversary and such, and even then I'll see if I can find a sweet alternative or if it is even worth having a sweet, or if I am on a good 'roll I'll leave off the sweets and instead have a nice really strong coffee!!

NSV!! I was chatting with Gail, the lady checking me out at the grocery store and was telling her that this would be the first year that both of my girls would have boyfriends for Valentine's Day (although the youngest's boyfriend kinda flopped in the gift department! She still thinks he's great so, whatever, as long as she is happy). Gail said I did not look like I could be that old. I said yup, turning the big 4 - 0 this year. Honest truth, and bless her heart, her mouth dropped open in surprise and she said no way! What's your secret? Told me my face looked so youthful. I told her that maybe it was the vitamin C cream I got in my Ipsy glam bag plus (I won't say it's name, but if you want to know, message me, all I will say was that the same jar cost $65 when I went to buy another to replace my almost depleted supply! Needless to say, and sadly, I did not buy more!). We chatted about the cost of the normal vs. the plus and how much more you get and I showed her my lashes and told her that I have barely any lashes to speak of but with this 'lash extension' mascara it seems like i have twice of what I do, and it washes right off with soap and water, but I can rub my eye (I have on accident) and it won't budge. As I was walking away, a bounce in my step and feeling great from the interaction (introvert though I may be) I hear her say what a nice lady I was, and the young lower 20-something bagger say; yeah, I'd have thought she was closer to my age. Y'all! I about floated away with those parting words. The whole conversation was just a wonderful boost to me! And to think, I was about to cancel my Ipsy subscription! LOL!

Had my cardiology appointment today and one of the tests I wasn't able to get done was one I really needed. I am bound to get a little colder because of the weight loss, but to have sudden cold spells where I am freezing and can't really think well and just want to stay under the covers because I can't bear the thought of getting out of the covers and freezing... could be my blood pressure going too low. I did manage to catch myself at the beginning of what turned out to be one of those spells and my blood pressure was low on the top number. The cardiologist said to get up and get something salty to eat and something to drink, a beef bouillon or two would be perfect, and in the meanwhile, stay hydrated.

So my takeaway from all this is:

emoticon Coffee good, with Allulose better. No more brand name I won't say. Yuck.
emoticon Sugar detox time. Oh boy, this should be fun.
emoticon I'm going to watch the scale a little more closely to watch for slip ups, Maybe Tuesdays as well as my usual Friday. But...
emoticon More importantly I'm going to look for NSV's like how my clothes fit, how take measurements, that kind of thing
emoticon Stay hydrated

There is so much more to take away from this, but right now I'm super tired and need to get to doing my before bed routine!

Night, y'all!


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