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Just Another Manic Monday...

Monday, February 17, 2020

I was sick Saturday evening/Sunday morning and into the evening. But I think if I hadn't been I'd have been feeling a little on the manic side, or maybe I'm just feeling normal and happy, sometimes I can't tell. I got up at 0100-something, I think because I slept so much yesterday. I could totally go back to sleep, but instead I'm going to sit here with my sun lamp on, drink my coffee, and write this blog, then go work out.

I'm meeting with a lady tomorrow to see if we would make a good match for sewing lessons, I found her through a site called lessons.com, you can find just about anything that is within a set radius around you, if there is any to be had. She just recently signed on to the site because last time I checked it I got no results. So today I'm going to take pictures of my current 'stash' of cloth and the projects I'm working on and see if she can help. I've got three projects I need help with fixing clothes. One is a skirt I am making from scratch for my DD11, I need to get her elastic waistband before I do the bottom, but I'm afraid I'm going to mess it up again. DD11 wants a fancy bottom again, and that just may not happen this time. For one it takes forever to do and it takes more than a day, so i have to turn off my machine and that resets where the stitch is and messes up the pretty pattern. Any way, she wants me to bring any projects I'm working on and such, so she'll know it is me, because I'll be the lady with the bag full of material, LOL. I'm looking forward to meeting her. We are meeting at Starbucks because DH is paranoid about having strangers in the house.

I was asking Aunt G about her chiropractor, because I need to go to one for my back and I want to make sure i go to a good one, and she told me where it is, getting there and the area gives me anxiety. Why? Because anxiety. She kept asking if I'd had a bad experience or blah, blah blah. And I finally used the broken record technique on her and just kept repeating myself. Anxiety doesn't have to make sense to you, it just is. I got so frustrated with her. But, I'm reading a book that I'm really loving, it's more like a string of thoughts, each page on a different subject. I want to buy it so I can keep all my highlights (I got it on Kindle unlimited, so borrowed like a library book). I love it. It is called Daring to Take Up Space. It's not in print yet, but a soon as it is I want it. This is one of those few books i want to dog ear and highlight and have on my nightstand. For days when things like this happen and it leaves me feeling out of sorts. I know better than to listen to her, but there is still that small little voice that does.

I'm up to almost 200. That is scary and a wake up call. So this morning, as soon as I'm done with this blog and a few emails, I'm going to get changed and go work out. I'm thinking at the very least 30-45 minutes on the treadmill, yoga, and then back up to the office to do a strength training video (I'll have to do it from my computer, can't get to it from the one downstairs, I have it saved up here though (thank you to the spark friend that posed the links to the spark videos on working out with bands!!). I'll have my eggs with tomato and fresh basil, maybe some bell pepper if we still have any. Lunch is a club lettuce wrap. Dinner is the beef shanks, if they are still good. I've heard they go bad quick. I hope they are still good, I've been meaning to put them into portion sizes and stick them in the freeze and just get out one at a time to eat. Have my DD's help me eat them before they go bad. Tasty stuff. Next time I will freeze some as soon as the refrigerator has set it so that there is an even amount of fat in each freezer bag.

I've decided to be exactly like what the above pic says. I do care how in shape I am, but I'm not going to let it rule my happiness. I'll work out, I'll work on getting in shape, but I can be happy while I do it!!

Okay, time to check some emails and then see about getting changed to work out and get rolling. I'm going to walk on the treadmill for at least 30-45 minutes, working towards my goal of 60 minutes and then adding incline. I'm trying to find a walking program that will help me with that since the hills in Seattle are so steep. i need to see my ortho doctor and see about getting a cortisone shot or something before i go!! I want to be prepared as I can be! Losing weight so I have less weight to carry on that knee will help a LOT!! And seeing if there is a particular knee brace he suggests would be good too.

Have a Great Monday!!


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