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Mixed bag

Thursday, February 20, 2020

As you may guess my trip home was a bit up and down.  Elaine rang me just as I was leaving Friday to say she'd realised she'd double booked and could I get to the Oddfellow's meeting hall by 7.30 p m to join her at a quiz night.  Well no I couldn't owing to the fact the trains wouldn't get me there in time.  So I decided to get a later train.  I still had half an hour to wait for her at the station though.  I can't begin to add up how many times over 28 years I came out of that station, turned left, and 7 minutes later was letting myself in my front door.  As I waited for her I felt that was what I should be doing and so was hit with the most overwhelming sense of home sickness.  It really was quite gut wrenching.

Saturday the weather was foul.  Elaine and I sat nice 'n' cosy in her lounge chatting which was lovely actually.  Early evening my daughter and son in law picked me up and we went to the Chinese take away a few doors along from where I used to live to get food for all The Fam.  While we were waiting I had a look at the old house - still nothing really done to it.  That being the case, the sod could have given me an extra couple of weeks as I requested and I wouldn't have lost so much.  Still, no point crying over spilled milk.  Whilst we waited for our food I knocked on the door of my friend and neighbour [ex] Supee.  "Oh I miss you, give me a hug" she said.  Which was just what I needed from her too.  Having collected our order we went to my youngest son's place and had a lovely evening together.

Sunday daughter picked me up from Elaine's around 10.30 a.m and we hit town.  Shuropody don't do the walk in appointments any more but I did go in to try and book an appointment for Monday afternoon - no joy.  We did a little bit of shopping and had a cup of tea then she dropped me back at Elaine's around 12.30 p.m  I did say a LITTLE bit of shopping.  Sunday afternoon I indulged myself with taking some photos - more about that another day.  6 hours later and desperate for a cup of tea or coffee I asked Elaine if it would be OK to make a cuppa.  "Of course" she replied - only for me to discover she had no milk.  "Oh yes, I forgot" she told me.  Elaine tends to drink coke.  I don't.  Another two hours later we went to the Tesco Express where Elaine possibly did or didn't hit another car whilst trying to park.  If she did, it must have been a minor tap because I didn't feel it at all.  Further delay and upset though.  When we got back to her place, she got in a strop because the fish and the chips she'd bought for us both needed cooking in the oven, not the microwave.  She does have an oven but doesn't know how to use it.  Rightly or wrongly I just took over and cooked the damn fish 'n' chips [plus some peas].  

Monday we were due at Rhubarb for Janet's birthday brunch at 10.30 a.m.  I was ready an hour beforehand leaving the shower room free for Elaine.  10.45 a.m and she's still piddling around looking for a birthday card. Believe me, I'm not anal over time but when a table has been booked you could at least try and get there on time.  Then when we did finally get there [half hour late], everyone knew I was coming thanks to Sally not keeping her mouth shut,  It was meant to be a surprise for Janet ffs.  To top it all, Sally informed me that Smidgey [my disabled cat] has become fond of Carole [the foster mum] and I either had to take Smidgey with me or let Carole keep her.  I couldn't take her with me because The Worker Friend [?} was collecting me and wouldn't put her up even for one night, nor would he drive straight back here.  I considered bringing her home on the train but to be honest, I thought the journey might kill her.  More than likely leaving Smidge with the foster mum is best for Smidge but it ruddy well nigh on broke my heart.  

Monday afternoon The Worker Friend [?] arrived.  We started loading up the van and then we had to go to Carole's to collect some other bits of mine.  Except it mostly wasn't stuff of mine - it was stuff belonging to Sally which Elaine had agreed to store thinking it was mine.  We moved the damn stuff and I fudged it with Elaine.  After which frankly I was glad to get away.  When we arrived at The Worker Friend[?]'s place in Bristol, he rushed in made himself a sandwich and failed to offer me anything.  He did make me a slice of toast and marmite about three hours later.  Tuesday morning he made himself breakfast without offering me anything.  Fair enough - I never want to eat first thing.  But four hours later we left without him having asked if I'd like anything to eat at any point.   He always fills the van at the garage near his place so I figured I'd get a sandwich or something, except for the first time ever, he didn't go there.  The consequence of that was by the time we got back here I had the beginning of a migraine.  I rammed some toast and pate down my throat, took some tablets, and had to wear my sun glasses for about 3 hours but at least it didn't go into a full blown migraine.  Just to complicate matters further, there'd been a problem with the electrics here.  He did sort that out but it meant I had to use up some stuff from the freezer.  "I'm hungry" he growled as I was trying to cook a meal wearing dark glasses.  I didn't explode then but excuse me, how is it right for him to not offer me feck all to eat, yet demand I feed him as and when it suits his appetite? 

He buggered off yesterday and frankly I was glad to see the back of him.  This morning he emailed me about £25 I owed him which I had forgotten to transfer - tbf that was bad of me.  Shortly after I saw the email he called me.  He was very rude and aggressive.  Typical passive aggressive tbh.  I started by saying yes, sorry, I'll deal with it, and finished by hanging up because he was so frigging rude!  I did however transfer the money.  Later I got a further nasty email from him so I pointed out that actually, I had made the payment.  It's gone from bad to worse since then so I haven't answered his latest.  I need to process how angry I'm feeling before I respond further.  He has another very long term friend who frequently borrows money from him atm and then fails to pay it back on time if at all.  However that isn't me and I refuse to be tarred with the same brush.  

Just to round my week off - weigh in yesterday and I'd gained 10 0z,  `*Sigh*  Still on the upside it confirms my eating habits are good and the doubling up on the stairs works.  So sod 'em - I'll just carry on regardless.

Sorry to whinge and whine - normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

Bright blessings
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Catching up with your blogs. The man’s a prat!
    91 days ago
    I've missed you. Sad about Kitty and homesickness. In agreement, he's no longer a friend
    105 days ago
    My, such a rough go of it. Sorry!!!

    Think I agree w/RAMONA's assessment . . . maybe time to cut the ties w/Worker Friend.

    HUGS and hope things improve.
    105 days ago
    Ach! I'm so sorry you're having such a rough go of it right now. Time to cut The Worker Friend [?] loose, perhaps?
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    106 days ago
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