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Shout out to MARINGAL! Yup, ME too!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020


There are lots of MARINGAL fans here -- she writes such thoughtful and wise blogs, and so elegantly expressed.

Her most recent blog, ME, expresses the pressure that some of us feel to be strong, to be upbeat, to be positive: all of the time.

And her own decision that authenticity requires honesty when things are NOT going well. At the moment, she is experiencing some worrisome health issues and she has been writing about them with great transparency and vulnerability. Strength. Courage.

My own personality does tend to the joyous and the optimistic. No, I'm not faking it. And yes, I do know how very annoying the merry sunshine routine can be. People have been telling me that pretty much since birth!!

But . . . by and large, I was born that way. And I have a capacity to take intense pleasure in the smallest and most ordinary things . . . which (people who've known me since birth) also tell me was there from the beginning.

Which does NOT mean that I don't experience bad stuff and tough patches in life: of course not. Lots of 'em. All the time, at some level.

Because: it's safe to assume that most of us are dealing with at least one major life crisis at every moment. No no no: I'm no exception. To quote Shelley again -- there are most definitely pretty regular times that "I fall upon the thorns of life! I bleed!"


Now there's a guy who made a career of feeling his thinking!!

Nevertheless, one of the tenets of Three Principles (3P) that I have found most helpful is the notion that I need NOT wrestle with my despairing emotions. I can just notice them. Without necessarily taking them too seriously. Because: they will pass. Like bad weather. They will ebb and flow. Like the tides.

If I want a "nicer life": to reference Michael Neill and his recent podcast which I blogged about?

When I'm conscious of feeling my thinking, I can ask, "What am I feeling now? And now? And now?" Just noticing. Just waiting patiently. Until my innate sense of confidence and calm resurfaces.

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