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Testing myself with a glucometer

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Last week, in an effort to get a better handle on my blood glucose level, I purchased a gluocometer from Meijer. It came with a finger poking device which, initially, I was pretty afraid of using. Turns out there are different gauges of the needles used (who knew!) and the larger the gauge the tinier the needle, which means less painful in my book.

The Meijer brand model that I went with comes with 33 gauge needles, pretty darn tiny. I chose this model based on the cost of the testing strips that I would have to purchase when testing my blood 2 times a day. Testing strips can be pretty darn expensive! This meter also takes generic needles so I could save some money there also. Older DD works in the Pharmacy at Meijer and was able to let me use her discount to help purchase all my initial stuff which came about $30 for meter, needles, testing strips.

Then she came over to my house to show me how to use it. I'm a super weinie about needles and blood. I would have to close my eyes when the kids were small and had to get shots that how much I can't watch. She showed me how to load the finger pricking device with the needle and where the "sweet spot" on the finger is so it would not be so painful. Seriously it really wasn't! If some company would invent something that didn't make that SNAP sound when it pokes you it would be fantastic!

Anyway she did it once to me and then I did it again on a different finger. Piece of cake it was so easy. I've been doing it every morning before breakfast and then later in the day 2 hours after a meal (lunch or dinner depending on my day). Last week I had some pretty good numbers and then this week...

Sunday I made vegetable lasagna, DH cooked up a beef roulade, Older DD brought over a Jam Roll. I was pretty careful about how much I took of everything but ever since I have had some wacky numbers. Even in the morning, before eating, my numbers have been higher than I would have thought. Older DD texted me a copy of the chart they refer to in the Pharmacy when doing bloodwork for patients and it has had me worried for the past 2 days.

Why are my numbers so high in the morning? I did some reading online and have switched taking my single metformin pill to just before bedtime instead of with my breakfast meal. I'm gonna give it a couple more days to see if things even back out again but I'm really concerned about what is happening. Is it the after effects of having that tiny bit of pasta? Did the jam roll push me over the edge? I was happier when I lived in the blissful knowledge of not knowing my numbers but knowing them is how I am going to tackle this problem.

In other news I finally got that long overdue Tetnus shot. I've been putting it off for about 40 years. Yes, you read that right - 40 years. One of the pharmacists who works with my DD did it for me and - another surprise - it did not hurt like I was expecting it to. I had worked myself up into quite a state of dread before it happened but he actually had to tell me it was done. Wow! Any shots in the future I want him to do them.
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