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Binge recovery, and fun event

Saturday, March 07, 2020

Like many who have struggled with her weight, I sometimes give into emotional eating. And sometimes I just plain don’t know why I gave into the urge to binge. I went to a new WW meeting group on Thursday, they were very warm and friendly. I had gained a tiny amount (4 ounces!) which was a little disappointing because I expected a loss. ( my home scale showed a loss), Then for some reason, I just plain overate after the meeting. Meetings usually motivate me to stay on track; but this time, I ate too much food, and I ate the wrong kind of food, until I felt sick.

I am not going to beat myself up for my laps, or indulge in anger or guilt. I need to just move on, and review my steps for stopping a binge in its tracks.

1. Stop right away. If it is a craving, stop then and there to try to find an alternative that will help the underlying issue (boredom, stress, feeling lonely or disappointed)
2. Stay out of trigger locations where tempting food may be available (coffee shop, favorite grocery store which may have samples or bakery display, restaurant with large serving portions). I can handle all of these normally, but if I am tempted to overeat, it is best to stay away.
3 Do something else that occupies me ( go to gym, gardening, call a friend, take a long hot bath, hike, play guitar, paint)
4 Drink water or 0 cal beverage; sip tea or coffee.

I have made huge progress in stopping overeating. But I have to continue to practice the techniques that work. I know I can do this!

I am still recovering from my injured leg. So I have not been hiking as much as usual. But I went to a fun event at the high Desert Museum. They have an exhibit of some of the art from burning Man playa, and they opened the museum at night. I went with my friend Linda R, and we had a blast. Lots of young people were dressed up in costumes, and many of the costumes lit up. Here are a few photos from last night.

I have never been tempted to go to burning man, which is now become a temporary city of over 80,000 people camping in the middle of the desert. But I am glad the Smithsonian museum has sponsored burning man exhibit around the United States. I live in a smaller city, so this exhibit was much smaller than the one I saw in Oakland California. But it was totally different and a lot of fun.

The evening culminated outdoors, with a bonfire burning a temporary structure that was built for the event. Plus lots of people roasting marshmallows around smaller fires.

LindaR did not really dressed for the weather, or for an indoor/outdoor event. So I loaned her my knit hat because my jacket had a hood. She didn’t realize until we got home that the decorative flower on my hat had disappeared someplace during the night. Probably when we were dancing in the exhibit where the lights and music changed as people moved around. We had fun, which was the important thing.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    (Late catching up on blogs) - but oddly enough, Burning Man is where my cousin’s husband met his “soulmate”, destroying their 30-year marriage...
    Until Covid-19 shut everything down, Z & I had been visiting our Dallas museums - lots of neat stuff out there!
    37 days ago
    wow sounds like a fun event. Do not beat yourself up,when you realize what you did & it sunk in you have the next moment in TIME to change that. Maybe their scale is not calibrated correctly.
    I have a question for you I have lost 25 pounds why is my waist still the same size? above my waist I Am thinner as my blouses & pull overs are loose. I could not wear them before too tight That is an awful discouragement for me
    Have a lovley Sunday & stay well with this virus attacking
    71 days ago
    What a great adventurous evening ~ glad you had fun
    Hope your leg feels better so we can see some of your wonderful hiking pictures this spring emoticon
    75 days ago
    You do some really neat things, Alison. The Burning Man Festival doesn't appeal to me either, but it must have been fun going to the exhibition and outdoor part of the show.

    We all binge sometimes, and I don't think I will ever be able to completely beat it. I've learned a lot about how to avoid a binge, and for me the biggest thing is that there are some foods I simply shouldn't have on hand, because I can't control the amount I eat, especially if I am tired. I now understand that being overtired is the biggest reason for my binges. It really is not emotional eating, although if I am upset at the same time, then I really binge.

    75 days ago
    We all falter every so often...………..we are human. The answer is to know that we have all of the tools to correct the event and you are so active that any weight gained will fall off quickly. Please don't beat yourself up...………..you have done so well and I know that you will continue to. You are probably one of the most well-rounded people I have ever come to know. Your activities with your friends are ones that I truly envy. I admit it...………...I would love to do half of what you do socially. Just keep doing what you are doing Alison. It is definitely working.
    77 days ago
    78 days ago
    What cool photos. Thanks!
    78 days ago
    Sounds like you had a good time. For me when I overeat, I remember the word HALT. Never get too Hungry, Anxious, Lonely and/or Tired. For me, these are the main reasons I over eat. I add Angry in as well for the A in halt.
    78 days ago
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