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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Around mid February, I planned a trip back home to England where I would meet up with my brother who lives in France. I haven’t seen him for some years. At that time, we new that Covid was in China, but I wasn’t thinking much about it causing problems on a wide scale. A bit later, my school told teachers not to take unnecessary trips abroad, but at that time I thought it was a bit of overkill.

My brother and I wanted to get together with friends and family, most of whom are (even) older than us. At first older friends were happy to get together, but then the managers of their sheltered housing warned that it would be very unwise for them to meet someone flying in from Asia. At that point I thought their advice was completely reasonable and I started to think we might need to cancel the whole trip.

One day, I woke up at four in the morning and felt scared that I might bring the virus back to DH who has chronic conditions. I’ve been watching the numbers to see if I might need to cancel, and in the last few days, there has been the rise in cases in Europe. I emailed my brother to say I was having doubts and felt like cancelling. He was more than happy to call the trip off. Today I cancelled my bookings and we’re hoping to meet up early in the autumn instead.

I’ve gone back to feeling more detached from all the news. Now that I’m doing my best not to take unnecessary risks, especially with other people’s health, I feel there’s no special need to worry. I could have done with the refreshment, but now is not a good time. I do want to keep up with exercise and social contacts for both physical and mental wellbeing, and three of us are going for a twelve-kilometer walk along a river the day after tomorrow. It will be fun to relax and have a good time with friends.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sorry :(
    Here too, not just the planned Europe trip but most of my life seems to be cancelled.
    Guess we'll just have to hang tight for a while.
    This will pass.
    143 days ago
    I know it's disappointing, but much better to be safe than to become ill with this somewhat scary virus!!!
    143 days ago
    Shame you've had to delay your trip, but better safe than sorry, especially where vulnerable people are concerned.
    147 days ago
    It's too bad you had to change your plans, but I imagine it feels sort of good to get that settled so you can free your mind from the worries. I think you share my feeling that I'd be more upset to give the virus to others than I would be to get it myself, though I have to admit I don't want to go through any flu-like illness again. I had the flu last winter, and it was awful, so I got the shot against that for the first time ever a few months ago, hoping it won't happen again. There've been cases of covid reported in Kobe now, and almost everybody on the train wears a mask. Masks continue to be all sold out here, but---I was able to buy toilet paper yesterday!!

    I hope you have a wonderful time on your 12-kilometer walk! That sounds like a fun outing.
    150 days ago
    Good call . . . that fall sounds like a better bet (and of course you still have the trip to look forward to!!)

    Hope you enjoy your long hike with your friends.
    150 days ago
    Oh what a disappointment - but what a wise decision you made, especially as your husband has compromised health. No need to expose yourself or him to unnecessary risks. I'm so glad you could push this trip into the fall.

    But crumbs.

    But wait! You have friends - and health yourself - and a 12K hike to look forward to. Enjoy yourself and see just how many signs of spring you can find. What is blooming in Japan right now? Here it is mostly trees - and daffodils.
    150 days ago
    I think you did the right thing, although I can understand what a disappointment it must be. We are staying at home as much as possible, partly to avoid getting it ourselves but also to avoid being part of the problem in spreading it on to others.
    150 days ago
    Good to be cautious! We are out of toilet paper on store shelves here! You were just way ahead of us! Enjoy your walk with your friends and maybe instead of visiting old friends you can visit your new grandson!
    151 days ago
    I understand. We cancelled the flight, hotel and cruise we were taking our granddaughter (4) on in May-June. Terribly disappointed, but better safe than sorry.

    Toilet paper and bottled water still rushing off the shelves here; I feel like it's going to get worse before it gets better, so staying close to home too.

    Very wise of you and your brother to change your plans; hope you are able to get together in the fall.

    151 days ago
    Oh, do I feel you! And, understand the feeling of detachment following the decision. Seems like a wise decision to me.


    We are in similar circumstances. Decision yet to be made. Cancel or not? I likely need to consult the medical professionals supporting me. Based on guidance shared by what ONEKIDSMOM has dubbed the 'truth-tellers' I am among the high risk folks that have been advised to remain home as much as possible, consider grocery delivery to the home, avoid unnecessary travel, etc.

    151 days ago
    I think you’re wise to take the necessary precautions and no doubt by the autumn all will be well with the world in terms of the virus, so that you can have the reunion safe in the knowledge that everyone will be able to partake in the fun without stress.
    In the meantime enjoy your walks...
    151 days ago
    what a shame but that's a wise decision.
    Enjoy your walk emoticon
    151 days ago
    I think it's wise that you postponed that trip till the Fall. Disappointing, but . . . .can't be helped.

    For sure, it's not only YOUR health @ risk but your DH, too. Taht's how I'm looking @ this.

    Enjoy your walk.

    HUGS adn stay well.
    151 days ago
  • POSEY440
    151 days ago
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