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Migraine, Excuses, Hope, PT, & Anxiety; Oh My!

Sunday, March 15, 2020

I know I have a good reason to have not done my PT and exercises this last week... but they still feel like excuses. I've had this migraine and tons of appointments and by the time I'm done with the appointments my anxiety and migraine are roaring. I'm seeing my doctor Monday, after my PT and therapy appointments to get a shot for my migraine, I'm going to see if DH can take me so they can give me something stronger, or if they can order me something stronger and I can give myself the shot. I was a sickly child and have been getting shots since I can remember, so needles don't bother me. And as a diabetic, I have come to terms with the fact that eventually I may have to be on insulin, so I'm okay with the thought of giving myself a shot. Migraines suck, and are debilitating. I've lost the contents of my stomach a few times this week it has gotten so bad and I had just taken the nausea med not 5 minutes later tossed my cookies, so I can't take another because I don't know how much, if any, I actually got of the medicine. But, great thing about having a gastric bypass, once you throw up and empty your stomach, there is nothing else left, no more throwing up. Done. Finite.

I think I have finally figured out why my Golden, Hope, chews on her feet and licks them so much.... she is bored!! So, slowly and every payday, I'm going to get her a new IQ or sensory toy. I got her a LickiMat (from Amazon) this last time, and she LOVES it! And you can put soft dog food or peanut butter, or smoosh some cheese in it, all sorts of things. Today was soft food, it has two squares for licki stuff and two squares for dry foods, so neat! Next will be one of the IQ, or brain teaser activity ones that she has to figure out how to get to the treats, so I'll have to buy some more treats (we run out a lot and I end up using her kibble, but she likes it, so it works out). I got out her... I don't know how they spell it but it's a bob-a-lot. You put treats or kibble it at the top and it has a dispenser on the side that you can change the size of the opening, it slides and they nudge it to get the food/treats out. She loves getting her dinner or breakfast, or just a snack this way!! So, hoping to get her some toys that will keep her mind busy, play fetch more often, and be the person that takes her out more often so that I can play fetch with her. I've not been because of this blasted migraine of late and she has not gotten enough exercise, so she has been chewing more, so I've had to use hot spot spray on her paws. Hopefully this will stop soon!! Speaking of, she has fallen back asleep behind my chair, lol! Love her!!

So, I guess I'm just starting my PT today. I've got three exercise that Awesome Austin (my nickname for him because A. the dry needling worked so well on my knee and, B. I needed a way to remember his name!!) wants me to do 3 sets of 10 of each exercise 2 times a day. Oh boy that sounds like a lot! I'll take breaks as I need them!! Then 20 minutes on the treadmill on at least an incline of 1. I had really hoped to be able to do it consistently all week, but man, this migraine is killing me! But I will do it today, after taking my migraine meds that don't make me sleepy and then waiting 30 minutes for them to kick in. I had him print out some good stretches to do as well. He noticed that my IT band was really sore and in need of stretching, but said it was really difficult to stretch good. My old exercise physiologist buddy would have laughed at him. So I'm going to look up on youtube some good stretches.

I need core strength and upper body strength as well as the leg strength we are working on with PT (as soon as I get off my rear and do it!!). My plan is to buy what we need for me to take care of the lawn this year. Edging, weedeating, all that stuff. You name it, I'm going to do it. I think we already have hedge trimmers (unless they didn't make the move with us. But that will be one lump sum all at once instead of paying out a larger amount over the whole of the Summer to get someone else to do it. And they don't pull weeds and hedge trimming is extra... I'm going to do it myself. I'll get one of those mowers that propels itself some, of course, we live on a hill and pushing a normal push mower would kill my knee. I love doing yard work, so this will be great.

I've got a medicine ball that is 10 pounds, I've got some weights, I think some 2 pounders and some 5 pounders, may need to get new ones as my dog chewed off some of the protective covering on the 2 pounders when she was younger (she loved to carry them around in her mouth the goof). I would like to buy a set of 1, 2, 3, & 5 pound weights to work with slowly working my way up. But I'll work with what I have for now. I also have the bands, two different kinds, the ones that look like giant rubber bands and the ones that are long tubes with handles on the ends. I'm hoping youtube will have videos on how to use these for upper body, they came with a little poster with a few exercises, but the pictures of where the bands go are confusing.

So my office/craft room is going to triple as a workout room as well, because 1. The basement is set up for the kids to watch movies and play video games right now, 2. DH will be working from home, and I get self conscious working out in front of him, and 3. the workouts I want will be saved on my Youtube and the basement account is DH's Youtube so I'd have to to type in the whole address for each site and that would be tedious with the xbox controller. I'd rather just do it up here. I'll make room.

Speaking of my office, I'm going to flip sides. I'm tired of people sneaking up on me, it is not good for my PTSD, anxiety, or any of that. I don't like having my back to the door. It was okay when DH was up here, It is not okay now. So that is on my to do list for this week. As well as getting some sewing done and cleaning things out up here, all of DH's stuff he left up here behind my computer monitors that take up half of the darn desk so that my monitors are too close to me are going to go!! The I'll be able to push back my screens to the back of the desk and have more actual desk space.

Yesterday I went to do my normal grocery shopping. Oh. My. Goodness. People losing their minds. I've been hearing about the 'toilet paper shortage because it's made in China.' No. Wrong. Most of it is made in the good ol' USA. We have plenty of trees and cotton here in the USA, we are not going to run out. And for goodness sake, We raise chickens herein GA, like crazy, there is not going to be a chicken shortage!! My friend actually saw a lady grab some chicken out of another lady's buggy (cart for those that don't call it that) and just stroll off like she hadn't just stolen from that other lady. I hope she really needed it. I ended up having to go to 4 different stores (one was just for dog food, but I had to get a different flavor dog food because people were stockpiling it too, and the brand I buy... made in the USA!) and I still didn't get everything I needed. There was no hamburger to be found. I ended up buying the last three roasts there were because I had to change my meal plan to making a posole (got a whole chicken for that) and some stew (that is what I'll use two of the roasts for). Half the veggies were gone, but I managed to snag a large bag of carrots.

Needless to say, by the time I got home, I was an anxious wreck. People were awful, more rude than usual, talking louder, shoving, and a few poor people were standing in the empty aisles with lost looks on their faces, like they were wondering what the heck they were going to do. People are causing the shortages buy freaking out and stockpiling. When DH came home he told me that the 4th store was mostly stocked but that he would go later, I said no, I'd go now, because later it would not be stocked, so I put my ear buds in on classical music and headed over. I got a few things but that was it. The garbage bags I needed, I only found one half gallon of milk left, I was lucky to find my almond milk too. I got some sour cream for the baking potatoes I had gotten earlier (potatoes, good for energy and the kids love them). I'll probably have to go back and get more aluminum foil and such. I went to the Dollar Tree, I enjoy finding neat things there it usually relaxes me for some strange reason and I've found lots of really good finds among the cheap stuff. So I guess that is 5 stores I went to. Last time I went I found some cute fairy garden things that I put in among my herbs in my Aerogarden, so cute! I would take a picture, but I need to do some pruning, it's like hide and seek to find the fairy garden stuff. At one point I had my wooden brontosaurus in there too, but I didn't want it to get wet from the moisture so I moved him. Next I'm going to order the cherry tomato garden I think. Or the lettuce one. I'm always up for some lettuce for a wrap without any sort of bread product. But, getting back on track, it didn't help. People were there buying up the food items and soaps and all the alcohol swabs (that I need since I'm diabetic, was planning on picking up a box), the bandaids, and such too. Crazy.

But I'm not going to let this ruin my time, my days, my attitude. Yes, we have a pandemic, yes it is horrible, and people are panicking, but that doesnt' mean I have to let my anxiety get the better of me. I'm going to mostly stay at home, yes. Except for the appointments I most need to go to. But, I'm going to continue my sewing lessons (even if I have to just Facetime of Skype with my instructor), I'm going to clean and rearrange things so that I can sew, I'm going to buy a bigger table for my sewing machine and then use my writing table for what it was meant for, writing, I'll put all my journaling and Bible study things on or near it. I have the perfect place in mind for it too. I'm going to clean and sanitize my house and keep everyone washing their hands consistently, I have plenty of soap (I had already stocked up on it like several months ago because there was a sale, lol). I'm going to have game days and crafts days and such with the kids after their school work is finished for the day (I made a rule that they must finish that days work that day, no waiting till the weekend or next day), to keep them from getting to bored. I'll bake with them, whatever they want to do. Let them play video games and watch movies. Just to keep the boredom at bay.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • LIS193
    We are on lockdown in Spain, good opportunity to deep clean the house and catch up on reading.
    Stay well
    70 days ago
    I love how you have found such cool memes for anxiety! I wasn't able to find any humor at all when I first began really suffering from it, and I love these! The stores are indeed a mess these days, and I don't get it, either. (Well, I think I do, but I don't want to think bad things about my fellow humans just now when one might need help from me. I saw a couple of stories last night about people who'd begun hoarding supplies and were beginning to sell them online; Amazon busted a couple of them, and they were crying about "being stuck with" all the stuff they'd hoarded. Funny how things work out...)
    Here's to a good upcoming week. DH took off, so we could take a trip to the NW of KS to look around, but we postponed it due to weather, which is not going to be good for hiking and sightseeing. They're getting snow up there. We're getting rain down here. DH is not quite an extrovert but is extroverted, while I am definitely an introvert, so this week will be interesting with finding things to do. DH hates "wasting" time off being at home. :-) What will be, will be! You have a great week, Flea! :-)
    71 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/15/2020 2:18:51 PM
  • LINDA!
    I understand. I have migraines and anxiety. Wow, it is so hard to live like this. Wishing you pain relief.
    71 days ago
    We shopped yesterday too - craziness!! We hit 3 stores and were able to get most of what we needed. We stocked up on some things at Aldi, but they had limits on canned goods and no store was able to give cash back when you use your debit card.
    71 days ago
    The schools are all closed here - for the next three weeks - at least! We have crazy people buying up everything here too. I just bought regular stuff and it actually wasn't busy when we were at the store yesterday. Cashier said there had been a big mob, waiting for them to open but they were all gone long before we got there. And there was no toilet paper or chicken but I have tons of them anyways - I only buy non-perishables like toilet paper on sale and I stock up. I have enough toilet paper and tuna and peanut butter to last 6 months - at any given time - lol!
    71 days ago
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