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My Adventures in Spark Land....Day 225 of doing the new: Laughing Yoga

Sunday, March 15, 2020

"When we treat children's play as serious as it deserves, we are helping them to find the joy that's to be found in the creative spirit." ~Fred Rogers

emoticon emoticon Yesterday in Alexsgirl1 blog, she encouraged us to look up and try Robert Rivest laughing yoga. For my day 225 of doing the new I did. I personally was not in the best of moods when I did a couple of his yoga's. But if I was in a better mood, I would have loved it. Laughing and pretending to do things that I haven't done since I was a child if I did them then is just what I would have enjoyed doing if I was in a better mood. It reminded me how good laughter and play is for us at any age.

emoticon I saw this a few times on face book yesterday and today in a blog. It's an article regarding the influenza pandemic of 1918 and how sunshine and being outdoors was the best medication they found. It is interesting reading.



emoticon I've been reading the book "Courage to Heal". The 1st part was called 'taking stock and taking care.' I found I need to focus a little more on self care. The 2nd part was called 'the healing process'. I am almost at the end of the steps and what I discovered yesterday is that I was made to rush through the healing process steps. Every step I read, I mentally check of as done. Yesterday as I read the step forgiveness which is towards the end of the process it said it takes ladies a long time to get through this process. If you are Spiritual, this will be hard because churches push us to do this. Forgiving an abuser is not like forgiving your friend for hurting your feelings. As I thought about this step, I was pushed to forgive my parents, the man who raped me, the court system, my son's paternal grandmother, my pastor, very quickly. I have a friend who stopped emailing me and it took her longer to forgive me then it did me to forgive everyone who every abused me. She stopped emailing again and I am clueless what I said this time but this time I am not going to worry about it. The book also said to forgive those around me who didn't help me. I can see I have forgiven those people also. Last forgive myself-I did that 3 1/2 months after the rape but my mom never forgave me for getting raped and changing her life forever. Another step was to tell others. As soon as I told one person about any of my abuse, they threaten me, if I didn't tell...they would. Again I was forced to tell people. When my son was going through what he went through, I was forced to tell people. When I didn't, people spread lies about me. I was focused through this process at a super fast pace!

emoticon My son text me he finished some assignment, It took him 3 hours to do it. When I asked how many more assignments he had to finish, he refused to answer me. I was trying to keep my cool. Then his girl friend snap chatted me. I asked her 'whatcha watching'. She told me watching my son playing a computer game. Both my mom and him become addicted to computer games. I forbid him from playing them. He claimed a ruined his social life. The winter of his 1st year in college, he got into a game again. He told me later he was so grateful he had to spend the last 2 weeks shadowing a vet because he wasted time on that game. Even my aunt and husband saw the difference. The games make his personality change. My mom was that way also. My aunt and husband were concerned. His girlfriend has him hooked on video and computer games. He has admitted to me it is a waste of his time and his personality changes. I am sure he is using the computer games as an 'escape' but since he is addicted to them, it is concerning to me that he is playing the game and not doing his homework. OK he just texted the one he spend 3 hours working on yesterday, is his last big assignment. His teacher told them to keep working on it. He assured me he will be home, he is just unsure when! (When the judge ruled to illegal remove him from my care and place him with his abuser while my son was in a 72 hour hold at a psych ward because he had a plan to kill himself and his abuser if he ever saw her again when he was 8 1/2 years old. In the illegal court order the judge made up...it was not legal according to WI law, he decided without even having a court case, etc so he never even heard the facts to give my son to his abuser to raise, I had to say good bye to my son not knowing if I would ever see him again My son and I did nothing wrong! Since then, I like to know when I will see my son again! This not knowing is very hard on me and his getting into games is not helping!!)
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