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Getting Real About My Recent Weight Gain

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

They say find what works for you. Well I found what does not work for me, and that is Keto. I'm not dissing it, it works for a lot of people, but with my body, and my conditions, it does not work for me. I had the Keto flu for two weeks and never got the energy people spoke of, I stayed away from the scale, and counted my Macros and made sure I ate the way I was supposed to.

I am no longer in One-derland. I am at 206.4

I am not happy. I've gone back to 2 shakes a day and then a balanced meal for dinner as well as a healthy snack, pre-prepared for if I get hungry in the meanwhile. I found these cute snack containers, that have two sides, each side is one half cup. I don't fill it all the way full. One side is nuts (no peanuts, they tear me up), the other side is things like black olives, cherry tomatoes, grapes, things like that. Before the stores went crazy I was putting a mix of berries in them, and that was simply perfect!

I've had a migraine for the last three weeks, so no working out. It has been fluctuating, so I tried working out when it was low and tolerable and got in my PT and a 20 minute treadmill workout. Then I ended up in bed with an ice pack on my head and an ice eye mask on my face. Fortunately the migraine is mostly gone, it just occasionally sends spikes through my skull, but that is it. I think it is mostly gone anyway. I hope it is. I have PT this morning. I was thinking of canceling, but DH said to go and schedule my further appointments, Insurance needs me to do this and I need to do this to strengthen my legs so that my knee won't hurt so bad.

So what is my plan for getting back on track and getting this weight i have gained off?

Well, I'm going to start with what I'm doing, two shakes a day. One is my chocolate shake with berries so that it is thick and like a frozen drink and I'm able to actually drink it. My stomach is too small to drink it all, but I drink most of it. Right now I have some premier Protein premade shakes (caramel! yum!) that I just adore. I bought them for when I go out places, but now, where am I going to go? I have a few appointments that have not canceled on me, like PT and found a dentist willing to go ahead and pull my tooth that needs to come out (a far back tooth that I'm thinking may be a wisdom tooth or something it is so far back). My therapist sees me via an app online, I'm trying to get DH to fix my camera on my computer, it is turned off and I don't know how to turn it back on, so that she can see more than my face on my phone. And I don't have to stack a bunch of books on my desk to get eye level with her!! Oh, and I ordered an iced coffee shake that I had a sample of and was really good. I can imagine putting it in the blender with some ice and it being a good substitute for my starbucks fraps. I promised DH no fraps as long as I had my coffee protein shakes. It's far cheaper this way!!

I'm going to be going to my ortho doc every week for shots in my knee for a while, unless they put us on lock down or something. That should help with the cardio, and with doing PT, if the shots work, but I don't want to have to be doing shots in my knee every two weeks for too long!! They are not fun. I'm used to needles, they don't bother me at all, but in the knee is a whole different thing. Kinda like an epidural. A needle in your spine is something totally different!!! Not comparing it to the knee, just saying in the arm or hip is different from the pop you feel when it goes in your knee!!

Anyway, I downloaded some apps to my phone that I'm going to work on this week as well as doing my PT twice a day and 20 minutes on the treadmill at an incline of 1-1.5, twice a day as well (except on PT days, that will count as my morning workout). When I get paid I'm getting myself some early Birthday presents. I'm getting a 15 DVD set by Jillian Michaels that slowly works you up, every 3 sets of DVD's is a different level. Plus it has some bonuses. I'm also going to get some weights as my pup, when she was younger loved to carry around my smaller weights in her mouth and when I was down after a surgery my family didn't watch her well, and she chewed the neoprene protective coating off of them, so I can't use them. I already threw out one of them, but one I can kinda use if I'm careful. So a new set of those. I want to get a Fitbit Versa as well, but will have to ask the hubs as that will cost more and I don't know if i should go ahead and get it or wait longer (I've been waiting a long time to get it!!) Mine is cracked so sometimes it counts my sleep and sometimes it doesn't and that is what I really need, to take to my sleep doctor, whom I see next week.

But once those come in, I'll start on those. I'll have to rearrange the basement, right now it is set up for the kids to watch shows on the bean bags and they have not been putting them up when they are done and one of the bean bags got a rip and it's time to say farewell, because it is a thick material that I can't mend. But anyway, I'll have to get over my anxiety of working out with DH in the room or get up early and workout before he gets up to work, since he is working from home for the foreseeable future.

I've done this before, I can do it again! Once this virus thing is over, if I'm still needing help, I will make an appointment with the dietitian and work out what I'm doing wrong, or what I need to do better. Keto and me don't agree, of that I am certain, I gained so much weight on it! And yes, I was doing it right. I think it is a combination of my illnesses and my gastric bypass. It just is the wrong fit for me, but I know so many people that it works for, so don't let that it didn't work for me be a discouragement for you. I'm going to get out my handy gastric bypass book and go through it and what it says to do after surgery and do a reset for my pouch, I think I stretched it some (eating too much) and I'm going to get it back in shape. It's going to be difficult, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get my body back to where I had it before. I'm going to reset my goals. I was at 166 before, I'm at 206 now. That is 40 pounds to lose. I can do it.Then I'll set my next goal. I'm going to still take it 5 pounds at a time, and have a reward for every 5 pounds. I have a wishlist on Amazon just for that, I get to pick a reward off of it, or spend some money at Fire Mountain Gems (beading) or spend some money on sewing stuff in another wishlist I have on Amazon.

I'm super sad I gained this weight, but I learned several things.

One, don't donate your size up one jeans until you are down two sizes, just to be on the safe side (plus, you can make cute dog toys or a blanket out of the jeans!!).

Two, weigh and measure every week. Even if the diet I'm on says not to, I'm going to. Some diets just may not work for me and I don't want to find out too late like I did this time. I was so shocked when I went to get on a pair of slightly snug jeans just to find they didn't fit at all (I had been wearing my looser jeans and had not noticed that they had been getting snug) So I had to go buy a couple of pairs of next size up jeans and now I'm hemming them so I don't look like I'm playing dress up in Mom's clothes, LOL. Short girl problems, lol!!

Three, I need veggies. I always have. I was the strange kid that never raided the cookie jar, I raided the vegetable bin and the garden. As soon as Mom could teach me, I was making salads. I need veggies like I need air. Seriously, If I go too long without a veggie, I literally get sick feeling.

Four, I still need to keep an eye on my blood sugar, even though it had been doing pretty good. Yesterday I ate a more than a few cookies from emotional eating (I have a bff who is freaking out over all this conspiracy theory stuff and is, it seems, trying to freak me out too, my SDiT is doing her job and came and nudged me to get off the phone) and then had not only rice but bread with dinner and not enough meat. My blood sugar was more than a little high. I should have exercised, that can bring it down, but I was too tired, and it was not at emergency room high, so I just went to bed. Not a thing I would recommend, because I was still digesting and it could have gotten higher. I should have worked out and had some more protein when I was done. Lesson learned, I hope.

So, more than a few disappointments, a few things to look forward to, more motivation to move forward, and some great lessons learned.

I'm going to try to blog more, maybe 2-3 times a week to keep accountability, they won't all be this long, I promise, LOL, but I want to keep up with how I'm doing with PT, exercise, weight, measurements, and nutrition. My bariatric surgeon had told me I needed to be doing more of a Paleo diet mix with the shakes and such, so I checked out a book on Paleo before the Library shut down for this COVID-19 deal and am going to try to incorporate that as much as I can with, well, only being able to get what is left in the store when we go. Anyway, I'm hoping to get a deep freeze soon so that I can have more berries on hand, we have a tiny freezer and I can only squeeze so much into it (not much at all) and I'd like to have a stand up deep freeze and keep a running inventory on what is in it and what is taken out so that when we go grocery shopping I know what needs to be replaced and I know how long something has been in there and when it needs to be used by. But that is something else. It will help me keep enough frozen fruits on hand for my chocolate shakes which are my main go to shake for now.

Today I have to go by the pharmacy so I'm going to see if they have any Premier shakes and how much they are. I checked on Amazon and the prices are 10 dollars higher than they were a month ago, so I'll have to say no to that.

Okay, off to shower and get ready for my PT appointment. Why am I showering before PT you may ask? Well, I'm hoping not to sweat too much and my sewing instructor is coming over after I get back home from PT, so I don't want to look a total wreck when she gets here (or smell too bad and I didn't shower last night)!!

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!!


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • LIS193
    Everyone is different, do what works for you.
    67 days ago
    You can do this !!
    68 days ago
    It is a blessing to learn from the things that did and did not go well for you. I know you can get back on track and make the best decisions for you right now. Prayers for strength and endurance as you make the changes! emoticon
    68 days ago
    I love the Premier Protein shakes too! They are about $12 - $14 for a six pack at the grocery store here or I can order them from Costco.ca - $43 for 18 of them. I like chocolate and caramel best. Have a great day!
    68 days ago
    68 days ago
  • RHOOK20047
    Good luck with getting back on track. I didn't manage Keto either. I found that a balanced diet and exercise as much as I am able, works for me. And have all things in moderation! emoticon
    68 days ago
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